This is a ranking that could disappoint, offend or irritate dog owners.

Scientists from the University of Helsinki have decided to classify dog ​​breeds according to their intelligence.

To establish their ranking, the researchers carried out cognitive and behavioral tests on more than 1,000 dogs of 13 different breeds aged one to eight years.

They studied the analysis of exploratory behavior, impulsivity, social cognition, spatial problem solving, logical reasoning and short-term memory.

“A total of 826 dogs participated in the logical reasoning task.

Of these, 33.4% were assessed as having understood the logical reasoning task,” the study published in the journal


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tells us .

The malinois, top of the class

With a score of 35 points out of 39, the Malinois shepherds came well ahead of the ranking.

Complete, the dog widely used by law enforcement obtained good scores in many areas.

In second place is the Australian Kelpie, ahead of the Labrador Retriever.

The border collies and the hovawart rank 4th and 5th.

At the bottom of the ranking, there are cross-bred dogs, the German Shepherd and the Finnish Lapland dog.

Another study by Professor Stanley Coren attempted to assess dog intelligence by comparing 130 breeds, and interviewing more than 200 canine obedience judges across the United States and Canada, reports



The Afghan hound got the title of least intelligent dog, ahead of the Basenji and the bulldog.

The Chow Chow and the Borzoi came next, just ahead of the hunting dog.


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