Club Leader Price, a Casino group site for shopping online, offers its customers the option of reimbursing their last gas bills with vouchers.

A flash operation that only lasts until Wednesday, reports



All you have to do is fill out a form and provide your gas bills dating back less than 3 months to benefit from the operation.

Up to 5 vouchers of 20 euros

The company distributes coupons of 20 euros according to the amount of the customer's charges.

The boost can reach 100 euros.

After submission of the form and supporting documents, the vouchers are sent within 8 days by email and can be used once a week on the Leader Price club website, from 60 € of purchases.

There is no obligation to be part of the club to benefit from this operation.

This is not the first initiative of this kind to be implemented by the Casino group, recalls



Last May, the reimbursement of gas charges had already attracted around a hundred customers, as had reimbursements of toll tickets, electricity and even fuel which had already taken place in other brands of the group.


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