MBC's 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell', which was hit hard by viewers over the child sexual harassment controversy, resumed broadcasting in two weeks.

When the broadcast resumed, the production team bowed their heads once again through an apology, but the performers only laughed and chatted without any mention, raising viewers' eyebrows.

'Marriage Hell', which aired on the 9th, started with an apology from the production team.

Through an apology, the production team said, "We sincerely apologize for the scenes that viewers may be concerned about in the 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell' and 'Go-Stop Couple' episodes that aired on December 19th."

"After closely observing the family's life, the production team tried to provide practical help by providing a solution to restore the relationship through expert analysis. I couldn't look closely at the point," he reflected.

He promised, "From now on, the production team will do their best to create a program that all viewers can accept and sympathize with. Thank you."

After the delivery of the apology, the story of the new couple was introduced.

Then, an opening filled with bright smiles from cast members such as Oh Eun-young, Haha, So Yu-jin, and Kim Eung-soo continued.

There was no apology from the performers on this day's broadcast, and only the apology from the production team at the beginning of the broadcast was a trace of the past controversy.

'Marriage Hell', which aired on December 19 last year, was widely criticized by viewers as the 'Go-Stop Couple' episode spread to controversy over child molestation.

It was pointed out that the story of the husband's act of stabbing and playing with her stepdaughter, even though her stepdaughter disliked it, was child molestation, and criticism that Dr.

As the controversy grew, the production team of 'Marriage Hell' said, "We focused only on analyzing the couple's problems, so we couldn't carefully look at the airing of scenes that viewers could be concerned about." It was judged that there was no. Once again, I deeply apologize for not thinking about it from the child's point of view and causing concern to many people."

Dr. Oh Eun-young also said in a lengthy apology, "There are parts that were delivered differently than intended because my opinions were not sufficiently reflected." I feel very miserable that I was seen as a person who neglected child molestation because I couldn't do it," he said directly.

'Marriage Hell', which apologized for the controversy, returned after a two-week program maintenance period.

And through an apology at the beginning of the resumption of broadcasting, he once again conveyed his feelings of reflection to viewers.

However, the cast, including Dr. Oh Eun-young, who said, "I feel miserable," started the broadcast with a bright smile as if nothing had happened.

Apologies, smiling faces, and a series of unsuitable situations made viewers uncomfortable.

In addition, 'Marriage Hell' and Dr. Oh Eun-young, who promised continuous support for children who appeared on the show, did not even provide information on what kind of help they are currently providing.

[Photo = MBC broadcast capture]

(Reporter Kang Seon-ae of SBS Entertainment News)