, Beijing, January 6th. According to news from the website of the National Health and Medical Commission on the 6th, in order to further improve the medical treatment of new coronavirus infection and effectively improve the level of standardized and homogenized diagnosis and treatment, the National Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine , according to the relevant requirements for the optimization and adjustment of new crown virus infection Class B and B control measures and epidemic prevention and control measures, combined with the characteristics of the Omicron mutant strain and the disease characteristics of the infected person, organize a review of the "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Trial Ninth Edition)" It was revised and formed the "Diagnosis and Treatment Program for Novel Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version 10)".

  According to the "Interpretation of "Diagnosis and Treatment Program for Novel Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version 10)" issued by the National Health and Medical Commission, there are eight key revisions.

  1. The name of the disease has been adjusted, and "new coronavirus pneumonia" has been renamed "new coronavirus infection".

  2. No longer determine "suspected cases".

  3. A positive test for the new coronavirus antigen is added as a diagnostic criterion.

  4. Further optimize the "clinical classification", cancel the common type in the clinical classification, and divide it into "light, medium, heavy, and critical".

  5. Cases are no longer required to be "centralized for isolation and treatment".

  Sixth, the treatment method has been further improved.

  The first is to incorporate anti-coronavirus drugs that have been approved for marketing in my country into the new version of the diagnosis and treatment plan.

The second is to further improve the diagnostic criteria and early warning indicators for severe and critical cases.

The third is to further strengthen the concept of co-treatment of new coronavirus infection and basic diseases.

The fourth is to further optimize the clinical manifestations and treatment related content of children's cases.

The fifth is to further improve the relevant content of traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

  7. Adjust the "discharge standard".

When the patient's condition is significantly improved, the vital signs are stable, the body temperature is normal for more than 24 hours, the lung imaging shows that the acute exudative lesions have improved significantly, and oral drug treatment can be switched to, and there are no complications that require further treatment, etc., discharge can be considered. .

  8. Adjust the prevention and control of infection in medical institutions.

  The first is to further implement the outpatient and emergency pre-examination and triage system, and do a good job in patient triage.

The second is to strengthen the cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of consultation rooms, wards, offices and duty rooms.

The third is to implement the personal protection requirements of medical personnel according to the exposure risk.

The fourth is to standardize the treatment of medical waste and implement terminal disinfection after patients are transferred out or discharged from the hospital.

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