Solène Delinger 11:14 a.m., January 06, 2023

In her latest book "682 days - The ball of the hypocrites", Roselyne Bachelot looks back on her mandate at the Ministry of Culture, during the health crisis.

The former minister denounces the attitude of certain "hypocritical" artists, and clearly quotes Benjamin Biolay.

The singer, who had criticized her during the pandemic, responded to her with great irony on her Instagram account.

The towel burns between Roselyne Bachelot and Benjamin Biolay.

Hostilities began on Thursday January 5, when the former Minister of Culture denounced on RTL the attitude of certain artists during the health crisis.

"One of the most expensive artists with a well buttered sandwich on both sides"

“Having seen certain artists, often among the best paid, come and complain on certain sets… Yours…”, lamented on RTL Roselyne Bachelot, who quotes Benjamin Biolay in her latest book 

682 days – Le bal des hypocrites.

"Yes, here it is! The hypocrisy of thanking me behind the scenes and attacking me on the stage, I found it difficult," she reacted on RTL.

In her book, Roselyne Bachelot goes further in her words: she describes Benjamin Biolay as "one of the most expensive artists with a well-buttered toast and on both sides".

At the time of the pandemic, Roselyne Bachelot had badly digested the criticisms of the singer.

In February 2021, Benjamin Biolay had declared about him: "I find that our supervisory minister is a little absent, except to rebuff us when we say nonsense, but we do not need a minister to understand that we are saying bullshit...".

And, he also wondered about government aid to help the world of culture recover after months under cover during the pandemic. 


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Benjamin Biolay retaliates with irony on his Instagram account

Faced with these attacks, Benjamin Biolay quickly retaliated.

On his Instagram account, the singer shared a parody cover of The Adventures of Tintin

comic book 


He ironically named it 

Tintin in Search of Your Dignity

, mentioning Roselyne Bachelot's Instagram account.

© InstagramBenjamin Biolay

The message has the merit of being clear...