A square table, a charcoal stove, an earthenware pot, three or five bosom friends——

Cooking tea around the stove, looking for a steaming life

  Our reporter Huang Shiqiang

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  Since the beginning of winter, making tea around the stove has become a novel way of socializing, and homestays, hotels, restaurants, cultural and creative parks, scenic spots, etc. have made it a selling point.

Industry insiders pointed out that the phenomenon of ceremonial consumption fever reflected by cooking tea around the stove is worthy of reference for the recovering tourism industry.

  On December 22, 2022, the day of the winter solstice, the post-00 girl Mo Ninan did not meet up with a few friends and order a pot of steaming mutton soup as in previous years, but chose to make tea.

  "It's so popular to cook tea around the stove, and many homestays use it as a sign." Mo Ninan said, and now there is a popular saying: "Going to a homestay is not for staying, but for cooking."

  The reporter noticed that after making tea around the stove became popular, homestays, hotels, restaurants, cultural and creative parks, scenic spots, etc. have launched related products, which are very popular.

Statistics show that a short video platform has more than 1.9 billion videos on topics related to making tea in the stove, and a social sharing platform has nearly 200,000 sharing notes related to making tea in the stove.

  "Either making tea, or on the way to make tea"

  "A square table, a charcoal stove, and an earthenware pot are placed in the middle of the grilling net. The fire is simmering slowly, and the tea is fragrant. On the outside of the grilling net, there are rice cakes, sweet potatoes, peanuts, oranges... three or five bosom friends, surrounded by the stove. Sit down and take it easy." Mo Ninan edited this tea-making experience into a video, and accompanied it with a copy.

She said frankly that she enjoyed the atmosphere very much.

  In Mo Ninan's social circle, people share pictures and texts of making tea around the stove every day.

"I'm late in 'entering the circle'. I have friends around me who have experienced it many times and started writing strategies on the Internet." She said that many friends dedicated their first leisure trip in the winter of 2022 to making tea, " Either cooking or on the way to cook."

  At that time, it took a lot of trouble for Mo Ninan to choose where to cook tea around the stove.

She recalled that she first saw a few favorite places on social sharing platforms, but they were all fully booked.

"After calling for more than half an hour, I finally found a place with vacancies."

  The reporter searched on the social sharing platform and found that many homestays use cooking tea around the stove as their latest selling point.

Some merchants also offer different packages according to the number of people, with the per capita price ranging from 70 yuan to 100 yuan.

"The set meal for 3 people I chose at the time cost 288 yuan, and it was worth it after the experience." Mo Ninan said.

  The reporter found that the popularity of cooking tea around the stove in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and other cities is also rising.

Anren Academy, a subsidiary of Chengdu Cultural Tourism Investment Group, has almost doubled the number of tourists since it launched the package product of cooking tea around the stove.

"From Monday to Friday, there will be more than 10 tables of customers every day, and the tables for two days on weekends need to be reserved 3 days in advance." Ms. Chen, the store manager, said.

  "Sit down and calm down, it is also a kind of travel"

  Liu Hongcheng, who has "tea age" for more than 10 years, is a senior travel blogger.

He believes that brewing tea around a stove is not a new thing, but after being applied to the tourism scene, it suddenly became a "popular" product, especially popular among the post-95s and post-00s groups, reflecting that young tourists pay more attention to leisure and value Quality and ritual.

  "We always say that traveling is going to a distant place and encountering poetry, and cooking tea around the stove provides another possibility, that is, there is poetry without going to a distant place." Liu Hongcheng said, although it is not among famous mountains and rivers, but surrounded by Stove maker, tea maker, or in the shade of bamboo groves, or in the countryside, the elegant environment can also make people feel poetic.

  Mo Ninan told the reporter that in their free time, find a place with a good environment, invite friends to sit together, make a pot of tea, bake some snacks, chat or just stare blankly. This kind of relaxation is what they pursue.

  "I think making tea around the stove is a great leisure travel. It presents the state of slow travel back to the original, and it makes people experience the tranquility of the years." Mo Ninan said that sitting down and calming down is also a kind of travel.

 Tourism market needs "ceremonial consumption"

  Open-air small courtyard, simple wooden table, clay stove on the table, teapot on the stove, rich snacks in colorful ceramic plates, and fresh fruits in bamboo baskets.

The sweet-scented osmanthus trees in the courtyard are full of fragrance, the branches of wintersweet are budding, gauze curtains and curtains are randomly placed among three or five branches of bamboo, and the four treasures of the study are quietly placed in the corners, outlining a poetic and picturesque feeling...

  Not long ago, in the 1979 Wenchuang Art Community in Banan District, Chongqing, the reporter walked into a tea room and saw a crowd of guests.

Ms. Liang, the owner of the shop, said that the business of the small shop was tepid before. After she saw the video of making tea on her mobile phone, she simply remodeled the tea room, and the business suddenly exploded.

  Today, many shops in the Cultural and Creative District are also trying to follow suit, and have become a well-known gathering place for cooking tea around the stove in Chongqing.

Ms. Liang said that she did not expect that the unintentional act of inserting willows would make her store an "Internet celebrity".

  Recently, Wuhan Shili Lianhua Yangxin Valley launched the activity of "making tea around the stove to warm the winter", attracting citizens and tourists to organize groups to spend the "warm winter" in the countryside.

Mr. Deng, the person in charge of the scenic spot, told reporters that since the launch of the event in mid-to-late November 2022, he has received many appointment calls. Many tourists cook tea around the stove to calmly feel the tranquility of the countryside and harvest a period full of ritual in winter. Free time.

  Zeng Xi, who graduated from the School of Economics and Management of Southwest University with a major in tourism management, has been engaged in tourism marketing planning for many years. She believes that cooking tea around the stove is expected to become the next tipping point of rural tourism.

  "For example, can travel agencies plan together with towns and townships that have tea farms, and organize citizens and tourists to go to tea mountains and tea fields to cook tea around the stove, and enjoy the pleasant environment while participating in tea picking and frying activities. Tea farms can also Introduce the stove utensils, etc., to form a tourism commodity chain."

  Liu Hongcheng believes that the reason why tea brewing around the stove has become popular is that the "ritual consumption" it reflects matches the consumption concept of young people.

At present, the domestic tourism market is gradually ushering in recovery. How to quickly bring back and keep the lost tourists depends on whether there is a marketing hot spot full of ritual sense.

(Worker's Daily)