Why do professional security guards counterattack and become masters?

  Chen Weimin hopes that his experience can inspire more people

  Our reporter Huang Hongtao

  "College students can also take the postgraduate entrance examination directly?" One day at the beginning of 2019, when Chen Weimin, a guy from Nanjing, Jiangsu, found relevant information about the postgraduate entrance examination while surfing the Internet, he felt a "thump" in his heart.

At that time, at the age of 27, he had graduated from a junior college for 6 years and was working as a security guard in a security company in Nanjing, on duty in the subway every day.

  "Working harder for the dream", despite the strong opposition of his family, he resigned and devoted himself to the postgraduate entrance examination, and finally passed the postgraduate entrance examination two years later.

Not long ago, he successfully signed a contract with a middle school in Zhenjiang City, and he will become a people's teacher after graduation next year.

  On the occasion of the 2023 National Postgraduate Enrollment Examination, Chen Weimin posted a short article "My 30 Years Old: Junior College, Security, Double First-Class Master, Compiled by Teachers from South Jiangsu" on social platforms, sharing some of his experience and insights in the postgraduate entrance examination.

Recently, the reporter contacted Chen Weimin and heard him share the story behind studying.

  "We must work harder before the age of 30"

  "From graduating from junior college in 2013 to 'going ashore' as a teacher in southern Jiangsu, I have experienced a lot of helplessness in the middle of the decade. An ordinary person in a working family can only rely on the belief that God will reward those who work hard." Chen Weimin said.

  In 2010, Chen Weimin only scored more than 180 points (out of 480 points) in the college entrance examination, and was admitted to a junior college in Nanjing.

In the summer of 2012, he traveled to Dali, Yunnan Province with his friends.

During this period, my friend contacted a local junior high school to help the students with their homework.

At that time, he participated in the "teaching support" and taught students history, which was well received by the students.

"That teaching experience was wonderful, and a seed of being a history teacher was planted in my heart."

  After graduating from junior college in 2013, he finally found a job in a software company.

"I say I'm a programmer, but I actually come to people's homes to repair computers, do network maintenance, etc. My education is relatively low, and I do basic work."

  At the end of 2017, he quit his job as a programmer and became a security guard for a security company in Nanjing.

In his opinion, security work is very simple. He is on duty and patrolling in the subway every day. He goes to work at 8 am and leaves at 10 pm. "

  When he was on duty at night, an uncle security guard said to him, "You are still young. It would be a pity to be a security guard for a lifetime. You should make more breakthroughs while you are young. Don't be like me, and you can't create a good condition for your children." The uncle's words touched him a lot.

  After seeing information about the postgraduate entrance examination on the Internet, the dream buried in my heart to be a teacher was rekindled.

He first prepared for the exam on the job, but later felt that there was not enough time, so he made a great determination to resign for the postgraduate entrance examination.

"At that time, I thought, no matter whether I can succeed in the end, I must work harder before the age of 30."

  "World War II" postgraduate entrance examination to realize dreams

  English for the postgraduate entrance examination has become the biggest problem Chen Weimin faces.

"My English score in the college entrance examination was only over 30. My foundation is too poor. I have to learn everything from scratch." So he devoted his energy to the study of English subjects.

  "For the first postgraduate entrance examination, I spent a lot of time on English every day, and very little time on other subjects." After the preliminary test results came out, he scored more than 330 points in the test, including 65 points in English. Although he passed the national line, he failed. Reach the school retest line.

  After failing the postgraduate entrance examination for the first time, he found a temporary job in a children's playground in Nanjing. He worked for more than half a year and earned three to four thousand yuan a month.

In the summer of 2020, he resigned again and simply rented a house near Henan University for his own study.

  Hard work pays off. This time, he scored 378 points, including 70 points in English, and was admitted to the College of History and Culture of Henan University.

  "I can 'go ashore', what are you afraid of?"

  After the announcement of the postgraduate entrance examination date this year, he saw that many "postgraduate entrance exams" were very anxious.

There are those who are worried about not being able to memorize the books, and those who are worried about academic discrimination, all kinds of problems.

  He hopes to share his experience so that more people can get some inspiration from it.

He said in reply to a test taker, "I can 'go ashore' with such conditions, what are you afraid of?"

  After graduate school, he seized this hard-won learning opportunity to study hard.

After a year of study, his grades changed from the third last in the class at the time of admission to the first in the class, and he also won the first-class scholarship and outstanding postgraduate scholarship.

  This year's autumn recruitment, he went to apply for a job early, and successfully signed a contract with a middle school in Zhenjiang City.

  He is currently preparing his graduation thesis, "After finishing the thesis, I will go to practice and prepare for the next entry."

  "Next year, I will be able to stand on a three-foot platform and teach and educate people." Chen Weimin hopes that he can become a teacher loved by students in the future, and that his students can bravely pursue their dreams... (Worker's Daily)