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Comedian Jungsu Yoon congratulated his close colleague Park Soo-hong on his marriage.

On KBS Cool FM's 'Yoon Jung-soo and Nam Chang-hee's Mr. Radio', which aired on the 28th, Yoon Jeong-su said, "Park Soo-hong got married a while ago."

In addition, Yoon Jung-soo dismissed those who talked about 'hand cutting' for not attending Park Soo-hong's wedding on the 23rd, saying, "It's absurd."

It is known that Yoon Jung-soo was unable to attend the wedding ceremony and celebrate due to the filming schedule at the time.

Regarding this, Yoon Jung-soo explained the reason for not attending Park Soo-hong's wedding, saying, "I was filming with Kim Soo-mi that day. The radio was conducted by Nam Chang-hee alone."

Yoon Jung-soo also said, "Since I couldn't go to the wedding, I sent a congratulatory money to spend on housekeeping. I went to 'Morning Yard' and said, 'Pay back money to the person you're sorry for', and someone asked, 'Do you have a debt relationship with Park Soo-hong?' is not the person to be in such a debt relationship."

At the same time, Yoon Jung-soo congratulated Park Soo-hong more than anyone else, saying, "I wish Park Soo-hong to receive congratulations and live a good life. It may be difficult for him, but I hope he lives well with his wife and lively for a new start."

(Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon of SBS Entertainment News)