Four years ago, a doctor at Mie University who was found unconscious at work and subsequently died, although his overtime hours did not reach the so-called "death from overwork line", he still had enough rest and sleep due to night shift work. It was found that it was recognized as an industrial accident because it was difficult to secure

This was revealed at a press conference in Tsu City on the 28th by a lawyer representing the bereaved family.

According to it, a 44-year-old male doctor who was working as a researcher at Mie University was found collapsed in a laboratory on the university campus four years ago in February, and died the next day.

At first, the Tsu Labor Standards Inspection Office recognized the doctor as an occupational accident, ruling that the average overtime hours for the month from two to six months before the doctor's death did not exceed 80 hours, which is considered the "death from overwork" line. I didn't.

After that, the Labor Insurance Examination Board, which reconsidered the decision in response to a request from the bereaved family who were dissatisfied with the decision, decided that doctors should not only study their regular duties, but should also have sufficient rest and sleep hours, such as working night shifts at university hospitals. In March this year, the decision of the Labor Standards Office was canceled due to the difficulty of securing it, and it was recognized as an industrial accident.

In September last year, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reviewed the criteria so that even if the "death from overwork" line is not reached, it is close to that, and if irregular work is recognized, it will be recognized as an industrial accident. It seems to have affected."

Doctor's wife "I hope no one dies from overwork"

The wife of a doctor who was recognized as having an industrial accident said, "I think there are more people who work long hours and lose their lives. I hope that there will be no more people with painful and sad feelings in the future, and above all, one person will die from overwork. I sincerely hope that it will not come out, ”he said.

Bereaved family lawyer "I want people who should be saved to be saved"

Lawyer Yoichi Iwai, who was interviewed, said, ``The conventional certification standard emphasized working hours, and it was an operation that ``if you don't exceed the death from overwork line, you won't be certified.'' However, there were various factors such as psychological tension, and he died. In the future, I hope that people who should be rescued will continue to be rescued, as in this case.”

Mie University "It is our responsibility to protect the health and safety of our staff"

Mie University said, "We sincerely accept the fact that workers' accidents have been recognized. We have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of our employees, so we will work even harder to properly manage the work of our employees. ” commented.