Three former nursery teachers who were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a child at a nursery school in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, were released by the 26th with pending disposition.

In the future, it means that the investigation will continue at home.

In June, three former nursery teachers in their 30s at Susono City's licensed nursery school "Sakura Nursery School" pushed the faces of children in the 1-year-old class, held their feet and hung them in the air. Both were arrested by police on suspicion of assault.

The Numazu branch of the Shizuoka District Public Prosecutor's Office released these three on the 23rd of this month, pending their disposition.

In the future, we will continue the investigation at home.

According to investigative sources and lawyers, the former nursery teacher who was arrested for pushing his face has denied the charges, saying, "I don't know when."

In addition, a former nursery teacher who was arrested for hanging in the air said, "There is a child who gets into a narrow shelf headfirst, and no matter how many times I warn him, he will get in, so I've pulled him by his leg and pulled him up. I don't remember the arrest suspicion," he said.

On the other hand, a former nursery teacher who was arrested for hitting him in the head said, ``When the child tried to climb on the toy kitchen, I hit him on the head with the binder I was holding to warn him because it was dangerous.'' It means that there is

Former nursery teacher's agent 'Need for arrest and judgment, discussion required'

Lawyer Takashi Hara, a 39-year-old former nursery teacher's agent among the three released, released a document at the time of release, saying, "It was an unusually speedy arrest, but the person himself was interviewed by the garden in August. There is no question whether the decision to arrest was made based on sufficient background investigation and consideration, such as the name of the other kindergartener who was explained from the stage and the name of the other kindergartener who was shown as a suspected arrest. I can't say. I think we need to discuss the necessity and judgment of arrest in society as a whole."