Today (26th), cold weather continues while the cold wave warning is in effect.

Dry weather continues on the East Coast, so let's find out more about the weather by connecting to the Meteorological Center.

Caster Taebin Yang, please tell me.


Even though it has improved a little, the cold weather is still going on.

Currently, cold wave warnings are continuing in many areas across the country, and among them, cold wave warnings are in effect in eastern Gyeonggi-do, Yeongseo, northern Chungbuk, and northern Gyeongbuk.

The temperature in Seoul this morning dropped to minus 7.9 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature during the day will recover for a while, but it is still expected to be colder than usual.

In addition, since a cold wind blows, the actual temperature will stay below freezing throughout the day.

Please dress warmly.

A dry warning has been going on for several days in the East Coast region.

The effective humidity is falling and the wind is blowing, so you need to work hard to prevent forest fires and fire accidents.

Currently, only clouds are intermittently passing through the sky over the country, but light fog on the ground and ultra-fine dust are appearing in the Midwest.

The air quality will be a bit poor today in these areas, and there will be no rain or snow in the forecast.

In the East Coast region, there are strong waves, so you should be aware of safety accidents along the coast.

The highest temperature during the day will rise to 1 degree in Seoul, 2 degrees in Daejeon, and 9 degrees in Busan.

On Wednesday, the day after tomorrow, it will snow once more in the central region from dawn to morning, and it will snow again in the west coast from late afternoon.

(Taebin Yang, weather caster)