We resume our end-of-year tributes to those who left us on the side of France with Dani.

The hoarse-voiced singer and actress bowed out last July at the age of 77 after falling ill while preparing for a new album.

Still in France, it was at the age of 98 that the actor and monument of the French theater Michel Bouquet left last April, followed closely by Jacques Perrin who was, for his part, 80 years old.

The following month, it was the indescribable Régine who left at the age of 92, while Jean-Louis Trintignant died "peacefully, of old age, at home in the Gard and surrounded by his loved ones" in June .

He was 91 years old.

Gone too soon

It is not without pain that Arno left us a few months ago at the age of 72 after having fought several years against pancreatic cancer.

Equally premature was the death of Charlotte Valandrey, the actress of

Cordier, judge and cop

, who was infected with HIV and who could not bear her third heart transplant.

She was 53 years old.

We must also remember the disappearances of Vangelis, the genius Greek composer, of Ivana Trump, the first wife of the former President of the United States, as well as of the actor Ray Liotta who died at only 67 years old when he was in the middle of a shoot.

Unfortunately, the list of celebrities who bowed out in 2022 is still very long and we'll see you next weekend for the rest.


Death of Dani: "Like a boomerang", the song that marked the singer's musical renaissance

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