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cold wave continues until Christmas, and heavy snow is likely to pour on the west coast.

Let's find out more about the weather by connecting to the Meteorological Center.

Caster Taebin Yang, please tell me.


Today (the 22nd) is the winter solstice, which is said to be the shortest day length of the year, and the cold weather has returned at this time when the color of winter is getting darker.

In the morning, while the temperature in Seoul has dropped to minus 8.3 degrees, it will only be around minus 6 degrees during the day.

The freezing cold will continue until the Christmas weekend.

Meanwhile, amidst this cold, snow cloud belts continue to flow into the west coast.

As snow falls at 1 to 5 cm per hour, there is even a heavy snow warning in the center of Chungcheong and Honam, and a large amount is predicted in the future.

Until the day after tomorrow, the mountainous areas of Jeju Island will be over 50 cm tall, and snow bombs of up to 30 cm will be poured in the Honam region.

It is better to prepare for strong and long snow.

Meanwhile, in the Yeongdong region today, the air will be dry and the wind will blow strongly.

The daytime temperature will stay below zero most of the time, with Seoul at minus 6 degrees and Daejeon at minus 2 degrees.

The day after tomorrow, the day after the eve, all the snow in the western provinces will stop, and on the day of Christmas, it will be cold in the middle of the clear.

(Taebin Yang, weather caster)