At a nursery school in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, three former nursery teachers were arrested on suspicion of assaulting children. It was revealed that he knew that he was in trouble with the garden over the disposition.

The mayor explained, ``I couldn't recognize it as abuse at this point,'' because it was not reported that the suspected abuse was confirmed.

At the licensed nursery school "Sakura Nursery School" in Susono City, the city's department in charge was aware of the malicious acts in late August over the incident in which three former nursery teachers were arrested on suspicion of assaulting children. On the other hand, Mayor Murata explained that he received the report for the first time on the 28th of last month.

Mayor Murata said at a press conference on the 21st that one of the former nursery teachers who had been arrested filed a complaint about the disposition received from the school in this matter, and that he was in trouble with the school through the supporters' association. We have clarified what we were aware of as of September 20.

Mayor Murata said, "I heard that the nursery teacher was unfairly dismissed under the city's guidance, so I contacted the department in charge and confirmed that it was not the city's guidance. That's the only point I've heard, and it's just a personnel matter. I responded with this in mind," he explained.

At that time, the department in charge did not report to the mayor that a case of suspected abuse was confirmed at the garden.

Regarding this, Atsushi Ishii, Director of Health and Welfare, said, "I didn't know the exact content, so I thought I couldn't report it to the mayor."

Mayor Murata said, "At this point, we weren't able to recognize that it was abuse. The department in charge had no intention of concealing it, but it was a response that could not have been taken as such, and we believe that consideration was insufficient." I explained.