The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan is calling attention to the fact that there are a series of consultations that people who have met through matching apps have been defrauded of money after being recommended to invest in crypto assets.

According to the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, there were 1,701 consultations about investment troubles with matching apps sent to consumer affairs centers nationwide last fiscal year, and 571 as of the end of October this year.

Specifically, a woman in her 40s was invited by a self-proclaimed British man living in Japan who she met on a dating app to say, "Let's put together and invest for life after marriage." A man in his 50s claimed to be a self-proclaimed Chinese woman and said, "My uncle is an investor, so I'm undefeated in FX trading." We have received inquiries such as that although they traded 2.1 million yen on a foreign investment app as instructed, they did not receive a reply when they asked for a withdrawal of the profit.

In addition, there were cases where the money was transferred in several batches and about 100 million yen was defrauded.

The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan believes that people who have made money from crypto assets and FX, and invitations such as "Let's invest for marriage funds" are often suspected of fraud. Even if you are recommended to do so, we are calling attention to refuse it flatly.