[Explanation] Recently, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued the "Ten New Measures" to optimize the prevention and control of the epidemic, which emphasized "accelerating the vaccination of the elderly against the new crown virus".

On December 8, the reporter visited multiple districts in Guangzhou and learned that all districts are taking multiple measures to promote the "everything that should be received" by the elderly, and the number of elderly people who have been vaccinated recently has increased significantly.

  [Explanation] On the morning of the same day, staff from Wende Community, Datang Street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City came to the residents' homes to mobilize and publicize some elderly residents who have not yet been vaccinated against the new crown.

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  Auntie is in good health now, right?

We can both.

Then think about it, if you (your body allows), go for a fight.

Do we still fight in our 80s?

It will be better to fight against yourself, and you will not be prone to severe illness.

  [Concurrent] Resident Uncle Ding

  There is no vaccination yet. In the previous stage, the hospital told us that we can not vaccinate temporarily. We have been to the hospital.

Because the human body is still changing and dynamic, we will also take the initiative to do this work (physical examination), as long as the conditions are met.

  [Explanation] According to reports, such door-to-door publicity and mobilization has been going on for some time.

Luo Yuying, director of Wende Community, told reporters that the community has established a new crown vaccination account for the actually resident population over the age of 60.

Through door-to-door, text messages, phone calls, etc., we will help the elderly to clarify their doubts and increase their willingness to be vaccinated against the new crown vaccine.

  [Concurrent] Luo Yuying, Director of Wende Community, Datang Street, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

  Many elderly people don't understand. When we first went up, they were very reluctant to see us, and we couldn't even enter the house.

Of course, after repeated mobilization, we repeatedly introduced the benefits of vaccination to them, communicated with young people, and did ideological work with him (the elderly), and successfully mobilized people aged 95 and 96. All the elderly have been vaccinated. As long as the elderly can protect their bodies through vaccination, this is our greatest comfort.

  [Explanation] Near noon, at the temporary vaccination site for the new crown vaccine on Datang Street, Yuexiu District, elderly people continued to come to get vaccinated.

According to their physical conditions, the elderly asked many questions to the resident doctors.

The 90-year-old Uncle Huang came here for the vaccination accompanied by his family. He told reporters that he had no adverse reactions to the previous two injections, so he came today for a booster injection.

  [Concurrent] Resident Uncle Huang

  The government is very concerned about the health of our people, and calls on us elderly and children to actively get the (new crown) vaccine, so I am here today to get the third shot.

  [Explanation] According to reports, in addition to door-to-door publicity and mobilization, the street has set up mobile vaccination points in multiple places in the community, and continues to improve the "speed" and "temperature" of vaccination work by continuously optimizing organization and service guarantees .

  [Explanation] That afternoon, at the Helong Street Community Health Service Center in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, doctor Chen Jiabao and his partner were preparing the common equipment and medicines needed for the observation period after vaccination.

For some elderly people due to physical reasons or inconvenient transportation, Baiyun District has set up a vaccination team to allow such elderly people to complete vaccination without leaving home.

  [Same period] Chen Jiabao, doctor of Helong Street Community Health Service Center, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

  Then after receiving the task, we will first place an order on the system. After the order is opened and the information is verified, we will start preparing the items.

Because during the vaccination process, patients may have some reactions while waiting for observation, such as allergic reactions, or shock. The medicines we need to prepare include epinephrine, and some Anti-allergic drugs, such as loratadine, etc. For other things, we need to prepare a blood pressure monitor, a stethoscope, an electrocardiogram machine, and first-aid equipment such as a defibrillator, etc.

  [Explanation] The reporter followed the vaccination team to the homes of residents in Hebei Community and Hebian Community on Helong Street. They asked in detail about the medical history and contraindications of the vaccinators. After the vaccination conditions are met, the elderly will be vaccinated against the new crown vaccine.

Some of the vaccinated elderly people received the second shot and some got the third shot. Seeing the doctor come to their home to vaccinate themselves, they all felt very convenient and heart-warming.

  [Concurrent] Resident He Granny

  The community called (to ask me to get the third dose of vaccine), and I said it was inconvenient (going out) and I needed to take care of (the bedridden wife), and the community staff said to help me apply (to get the vaccine), and I said ok thank you guys.

I must take the preventive vaccine. I am at home all day but I still have to take it. It is for the good of my family, and I don’t need to worry about others when I am in good health.

  [Same period] Chen Jiabao, doctor of Helong Street Community Health Service Center, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

  Today, we vaccinated a total of 5 elderly people in our jurisdiction with the new crown vaccine, so the whole process was relatively smooth, and the elderly were quite cooperative during the process, and they were quite satisfied with the government's door-to-door vaccination policy.

  [Explanation] It is reported that in the face of the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, vaccination still has a good effect in preventing severe illness and death, and vulnerable groups such as the elderly benefit the most from vaccination with the new crown vaccine.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are not an absolute contraindication for vaccination against the new coronavirus. As long as these chronic diseases are well controlled and in a stable period, they can be vaccinated against the new coronavirus.

  [Concurrent] Li Huansha, Preventive Health Care Center, Datang Street Community Health Service Center, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

  In fact, it is recommended that everyone "receive as much as possible" to get vaccinated as soon as possible, because if a person with an underlying disease is actually infected with the new coronavirus, the risk of such a critical illness will be even higher. .

So in fact, this group of people needs to be vaccinated against the new crown vaccine to improve their protection rate and prevent and reduce the symptoms and risks of critical illness.

  (Reporter He Junjie from Guangzhou)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]