• This weekend is the 5th edition of Occitanie Esports, in Montpellier.

    The champions of the discipline have an appointment for two days of competitions.

  • Do you want to get into esports?

    20 Minutes

    asked Désiré Koussawo, the organizer of the event, five perfect games to start.

    Among them,

    Rocket League


In Occitanie Esports, there are the cracks of the discipline, those whose exploits on

Rocket League


League of Legends

raise the crowds.

In the public of the event, there are also the "small" players, those who, for the moment, only fascinate a handful of viewers, on Twitch.

And there are those who have not yet dared to get into esports, but are itching to think about it.


20 Minutes

, we think of them.

On the occasion of the 5th edition of Occitanie Esports, this Saturday and Sunday at the Sud de France Arena, in Montpellier (Hérault), we selected, with Désiré Koussawo, organizer and veteran of esports, five games to get into this practice that is setting the planet on fire for good.




The most famous football game, which has passed through all generations since 1993, remains a safe bet in esports.

"It's not a leading game, we won't fill a stadium playing


," says Désiré Koussawo.

But it's an accessible game, easy to pick up.

The game, however, requires a little practice, to master all the cogs.

“At the start, you have to try to learn how to score goals!” he laughs.

And little by little, by dint of practice, you improve your game.

And no need, assures the president of France Esports, to be a football fan to master the Electronic Arts hit.

" No way !

“, he confides.

It is not necessarily necessary to master the small bridge or know how to shoot skylights at 25 meters to get started.

But, “it's true, good


players are often good football players, continues Désiré Koussawo.

Because the title is based on the real performances of the players.

There is bound to be a connection that is made in the real world.


"Rocket League"

The hit from Psyonix, a clever mix between a racing game and a ball game, is causing a sensation in esports competitions.

Two teams fight each other during a crazy match, in order to get the ball into the opposing goal.

“It's a very fun game, which is quite easy to pick up.

We manage to do things fairly quickly.

However, it's a bit more difficult, and it takes practice, if you want to fully master

Rocket League


To manage your take-offs and receive the ball correctly, you will therefore have to spend a few dozen hours on the pitch.

The event will host a Rocket League tournament on Sunday (1:30 p.m.).

"Street Fighter"

But we could also have offered you

Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball Z

or even

Soul Calibur


Fighting games have always been calibrated for esports.

You still need to know how to master the infallible techniques to annihilate your opponents.

“At the start, we do a little anything,” smiles the boss of Occitanie Esports.

By bludgeoning all the buttons a little, no matter how.

“And sometimes even, when you do anything, it works!

It's easy to understand, and then if you want to know the precise techniques, it takes a little more time.

» Expect, at first, to be knocked down within seconds by players stronger than you.

It's the job that comes in.

Host and professional player Kayane will offer a demonstration of the game


Soul Calibur IV

 ” on Saturday (3:30 p.m.)

on the Occitanie Esports stage.


This first-person shooter, true

Counter Strike

pop, is ideal for beginners, if you like the genre.

"It's one of the most accessible shooting games for novices," says Désiré Koussawo.

However, you will need a little curiosity, to understand what the abilities of the different characters are, to choose the one that corresponds to the player you are.

Same thing for weapons.

They will have to be chosen carefully.

The rookie mistake: rushing headlong into the pile.


is, above all, a tactical game.

Occitanie Esports will host the final stages of the “ 



French Cup this weekend


Esports star Zerator will provide commentary.

The game will also be in the spotlight on Saturday (7 p.m.) with Juliette Arz and Chipsette.

"Super Smash Bros."


Nintendo's hit, where the stars of the firm put themselves on the face, is envy, with its cute colors.

Don't be fooled by appearances, mastering

Super Smash Bros.

is more difficult than you think.

“I am the good example, confides Désiré Koussawo.

I didn't know at all, I tried.

And it's still quite complicated.

I think it is necessary, at the beginning, to be explained the workings of the game by someone who knows about it, and who is next to us when we play.

It's not super intuitive, I find.

The most difficult thing is to control the movements of the characters.

It takes dexterity.

“But by working a little, we do “beautiful things”, assures the president of France Esports.

L'Occitanie Esports will offer a major

Super Smash Bros.



, with 64 champions of the game who will face off one on one on Sunday (11 a.m.).


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