, Beijing, December 10th (Reporter Du Yan) Today, the reporter learned from the Beijing Market Supervision Bureau that Beijing has issued reminders and warnings to more than 2,000 drug dealers, including online platforms and large drug dealers, to guide companies to consciously regulate price action.

Pay close attention to the demands of the public, strictly investigate malicious price increases, price gouging and other price violations, comprehensively use key inspections, reminders, administrative penalties and other means to maintain a high-pressure law enforcement situation on drug prices, and resolutely maintain the order and stability of drug market prices.

  On December 3, 2022, after Beijing adjusted the purchase measures for "four types of drugs", the Beijing market supervision department continued to increase its enforcement inspections on the prices of "four types of drugs" and antigen detection kits and other epidemic prevention and control supplies.

The "Reminder and Caution on Further Regulating Market Price Behavior" was issued, and more than 2,000 drug dealers, including online platforms and large drug distributors, were issued reminders and warnings to resolutely maintain the order and stability of drug market prices.

  On December 7, 2022, the Market Supervision Bureau of Chaoyang District received a report and opened a case for investigation on the Chaoyang No. 1 branch of Beijing Rehabilitation Home Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. for selling antigen kits at high prices.

After investigation, from December 1, 2022 to December 7, 2022, the party concerned sold Fosun's new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) antigen detection kit (colloidal gold method) on the Meituan platform (the specification is 25 servings/ box), the price is 229 yuan/box, and the purchase unit prices are 61.25 yuan/box, 67.5 yuan/box, and 75 yuan/box. Due to the different sales discounts on the Meituan platform in different periods, the actual sales unit prices are 179 yuan/box and 216.5 yuan/box respectively. Yuan/box, 229 yuan/box, the price difference between purchase and sale is as high as 273.9%, which is much higher than similar products in the surrounding market in the same period.

The above-mentioned behavior of the parties violated the provisions of Article 14 (3) of the "Price Law of the People's Republic of China", and constituted an illegal act of driving up prices.

According to relevant laws and regulations, the Chaoyang District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has served the "Administrative Penalty Notification" to the party concerned, and plans to give the party a warning and a fine of 200,000 yuan.

  The Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau reminds all operators to strictly fulfill their social responsibilities, operate with integrity in accordance with laws and regulations, and clearly mark prices. It is strictly forbidden to drive up prices and price fraud.

Citizens are welcome to participate in the supervision, find clues of illegal prices, keep relevant bills, and call the 12315 hotline to complain and report in time.

The market supervision department will investigate and deal with one case at a time, insist on strict and fast handling, and will publicly expose typical cases with bad circumstances.