Most of the fog that was thick inland has dissipated.

Even during the day, visibility will be stuffy as light fog and dust tangle.

If you look at the current ultrafine dust concentration, it is showing bad levels in most areas except Gangwon.

Today (10th), the air will continue to be cloudy throughout the day, centering on Chungcheong and southern regions.

The air is still very dry around the East Coast, so you need to be extra careful about various fire accidents such as forest fires.

Today, the skies across the country will gradually become cloudy, and in Chungcheong and Honam from daytime, and in Gyeongbuk from late afternoon to night, a little raindrops or snow may fall.

Today's highest temperature during the day will be 7 degrees in Seoul and 11 degrees in Changwon, slightly lower than yesterday.

Tomorrow, which is a holiday, will have a little rain or snow around the East Coast.

As the temperature goes down little by little, the middle of next week will bring a strong cold of around 10 degrees below zero.

(Im Eun-jin weather caster)