, Shijiazhuang, December 7th (Ma Haiyan and Wu Jinming) "I like Chinese martial arts very much. I want to open a martial arts gym after I return to China after graduating from a Ph. He said that learning martial arts allowed him to realize his own "Chinese Dream".

  Xima, who has lived in China for 10 years, is currently studying for a doctorate in journalism and communication at Hebei University.

"Learning martial arts is my biggest achievement in China." Sima said that he didn't know much about China before, but he liked watching movies of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li since he was a child, and he yearned for Chinese martial arts.

  "Practicing martial arts is not an easy task. There are many difficulties to overcome. I came into contact with it late, so I need to put in more effort." After coming to China, Sima and his friend Zhao Zilong, who is also an overseas student, joined the Hebei University International Wushu Team.

  "Five lakes and four seas are brothers" is a favorite sentence in West Malaysia.

Because of his obsession with martial arts, he not only made many friends, but also chose to stay in China to continue his studies after graduation.

  Today, Xima has not only mastered a lot of equipment and boxing skills, but also visited many cities in China through martial arts competitions and tourism.

"Beijing's Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, Xi'an Terracotta Army, Langya Mountain, Guilin's landscape, and Inner Mongolia's prairie all impressed me deeply," Sima said.

  "I have been to the Xiong'an New District many times. The new district is really beautiful and very smart. The unmanned supermarket can directly pay with your face, and there are also unmanned cleaning vehicles and unmanned patrol vehicles, all of which are very advanced." Sima said, The environment of Baiyangdian is getting better and better, and the transportation is getting more and more convenient.

  Xima's lover Ximei came to China to study under his influence.

Now their daughter is two years old, Sima taught her how to eat with chopsticks.

Sima said with a smile that Chinese culture is reflected in every aspect of their lives.

  Simma, who is about to graduate with a Ph.D., expressed the hope that he can use the communication knowledge he learned in China to promote the development of the communication industry in Niger in the future, and hopes that more young people in Niger can learn about Chinese martial arts and Chinese culture.