In September this year, a group of two people sneaked into one room of an apartment in Kita-ku, Osaka, and stolen luxury brand items and cash, worth tens of millions of yen.

The apartment's security camera shows the whole story, including how he sneaked into the room, and the police are investigating it as a theft case.

According to investigative sources, a duo sneaked into a room where a restaurant owner lives in an apartment in Kita Ward, Osaka, in September this year.

On the day of the incident, seven security cameras installed in the apartment and its surroundings captured the whole story, including the appearance of the two men sneaking in, and NHK obtained the footage.

According to that, around 11:00 pm, after entering the premises of the apartment, the two went around the back side instead of the front entrance with the auto lock, climbed the wall and entered the building.

Put on a dark hood and head down into the elevator, go up to the 10th floor and go straight to the victim's room.

After confirming that the room was empty, the windows along the corridor were deftly removed, and one person entered the room through the unlocked window, after which the other person was invited through the front door.

About 5 minutes later, the two of them came out of the room down the emergency stairs to the first floor, went out of the apartment, and then ran away with both hands full of bags.

According to investigative sources, a total of tens of millions of yen was stolen from the room, including about 50 luxury brand watches, bags, and cash.

It is believed that the two people came to the scene by car, and after breaking into the apartment, the surrounding cameras captured the movement of the car, so police suspected that there were other people involved in the theft case. are investigating as

Victim ``Is it the reason for posting photos on SNS?''

The owner of the victim said, ``Posting photos of my belongings on SNS may have been the cause of the burglary. The inside was messed up, and I still get anxious at night when I remember it, and I might be targeted again, so I want you to catch the criminal as soon as possible."

Expert "Don't overconfidence in auto lock, pay attention to SNS transmission"

The damaged condominium in Kita-ku, Osaka had an auto-lock at the entrance.

Masayuki Umemoto, president of the Japan Crime Prevention School, a general incorporated association that is familiar with crime prevention measures, points out that, regarding crime prevention measures for condominiums, "There is a trend that auto locks are safe, but I don't want you to be overconfident."

When you go out, lock all the doors and windows, and

then install an auxiliary key,

put a film on the window glass to make it difficult to break,

and install a security grid that is hard to come off. ,

it is effective to create a situation where it is difficult for third parties to invade.

Also, it is said that it is necessary to pay attention to the transmission of SNS.

President Umemoto said, "The culprit may thoroughly investigate the place where he lives and the time he is away from the posted photos, etc., and may commit a crime, so I think it's better not to give out his information as much as possible. I want people to know that posting on SNS is fraught with danger."

On top of that, ``There are many victims who do not lock their doors, so it is absolutely necessary to lock them. I want you to create an environment that people don't like."

Also, in order to prevent damage, it is essential for residents to raise their crime prevention awareness. If you see a suspicious person in the apartment, I want you to have the courage to report it to the police."

Burglary, etc. Increased by 120 compared to the same period of the previous year

According to the Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters, there were 1,350 cases of burglary and sneaking in the prefecture by the end of October this year, an increase of 120 cases from the same period of the previous year.

Of these, 576 cases of damage to houses such as condominiums accounted for about 40%, an increase of 112 cases compared to the same period of the previous year.