, Lanzhou, December 6th (Liu Yutao) As a maintenance electrician, Li Shaokun, the leader of the comprehensive maintenance team in the maintenance workshop of the Northwest Lead and Zinc Smelter of Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd., has always been rooted in the front line. , Good working style, made him an expert in electrical maintenance.

In recent years, Li Shaokun has dealt with more than 500 low-voltage electrical faults to ensure the efficient operation of the low-voltage electrical system and air compressor equipment in the whole plant.

He said, "As the saying goes, there are 360 ​​lines, and the best in every line of work. If you do one line, you must love one line and be dedicated to one line. Only in this way can practice make perfect and accumulate practical experience bit by bit."

  Talk about the dribs and drabs in these years of work.

Li Shaokun said that in addition to love, the most important thing is to persist, to regard the difficulties encountered by the unit as our own difficulties and to seek solutions.

Due to design flaws in the 1# and 2# incoming line switches of the 109 system dust collection low-voltage room of the unit roasting workshop, the incoming line of the incoming line switch cabinet does not match the size of the switch, resulting in a small contact area of ​​the switch contact and easy to generate heat, and it is automatically put into operation Overheating and carbonization of contacts and fire accidents frequently occurred. The two incoming line switches were replaced 9 times during use, which caused the entire plant to stop passively and seriously affected the production order.

  "During the maintenance of the 109 system, I replaced the switchgear and incoming line switches with matching sizes together with my colleagues, and installed a 9-point temperature measuring device, which improved the reliability of the power supply of the roasting system process." Li Shaokun said.

  In 2015, Li Shaokun built a new 109 air compressor station through research, feasibility report, design, procurement, installation, and commissioning, which met the wind demand of the comprehensive utilization project of zinc smelting resources; through analogy and efficiency improvement, he organized The design changed the sewage discharge of all air storage tanks in the air compressor station from manual to automatic sewage discharge at regular intervals, which greatly improved the quality of air supply; It is "100%"; he advocates repairing the old and making good use of the waste, and researched and designed a device for cleaning the oil cooler by himself.

  Under Li Shaokun's painstaking research, compared with the same period in the same period, the annual operation and maintenance cost of the air compressor station has been saved by nearly 500,000 yuan; Based on the principle of network replenishment, it is proposed to add 5 air compressors and 3 dryers on the basis of the existing 3 air compressor stations, saving nearly 1 million in the project cost of slag treatment and harmless treatment.

Li Shaokun took root in the front line and became an expert in electrical maintenance.

(Data map) Photo courtesy of Northwest Lead and Zinc Smelter of Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd.

  At work, Li Shaokun is an expert craftsman who bravely shoulders heavy responsibilities.

In July 2020, Li Shaokun led the studio members to map out the rectification and numbering of the control lines and power lines of the low-voltage rooms of each workshop, providing technical support for the early stage of the old wet process intelligent transformation project.

During the installation of electrical equipment and control cabinets, we bravely shouldered heavy responsibilities and overcame difficulties, and completed the installation of 89 low-voltage power distribution cabinets, equipment debugging and power transmission tasks in the old wet system within a one-month maintenance period.

  As a senior technician of maintenance electrician, for many years, Li Shaokun has been awarded "Nominated Longyuan Craftsman", "National Technical Expert" and "Tongcheng Craftsman" in Gansu Province, "Skill Award Winner" in the non-ferrous metal industry, "Model Worker" in Gansu Province, The 5th Aluminum Industry Cup "Technical Expert" in the non-ferrous metal industry, "Technical Expert" in Gansu Province, "Technical Model in Baiyin City" and other honorary titles, enjoying special government allowances from the State Council.

  In 2019, the "Li Shaokun National Skills Master Studio" was established, and in 2021, the studio was awarded the title of "Innovation Alliance with Concentration and Hundred Practices" by Gansu Province.

As the head of the electrical sub-office of Li Shaokun's Model Worker Studio, he has taught all aspects of teaching skills to apprentices, skill breakthroughs, skill inheritance, and skill promotion. Talent backbone.

  Li Shaokun said that in the past two years, the studio has held more than 20 training sessions, training electrical, instrumentation, computer and other professional and technical personnel, middle-level management cadres, new college students, and skilled workers. A total of more than 700 person-times have solved at least 10 production technical problems every year. .

"Nowadays, many people in the studio have become middle-level managers and business backbones. It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish. I hope to do my best to help young people grow up as soon as possible, so that they can acquire more practical experience and become independent all-rounders as soon as possible. , to promote the pace of construction of the whole plant." He said.