Singer Park Yuchun's former management company representative has expressed his position regarding the acquittal of suspicion of embezzlement.

On the 6th, Mr. Kim, CEO of Park Yuchun's former agency, Leeciello, said, "On October 12th of this year, I received a notice of the investigation results from the Gyeonggi Namyangju Nambu Police Station regarding the case of embezzlement filed by Park Yoochun in June of last year." said.

"I have been fighting for more than a year to clear the stigma of being an embezzler. Due to untrue things such as accusatory stares around me, malicious comments toward my family, and endless suspicions, I have suffered personally and professionally. I've been passing my time," he said.

She continued, "Even though the allegation has been cleared, there are still unfinished business. I can only write now that I have received her notice, but I hope all the facts will be revealed soon."

In June, Park Yoochun sued Kim for embezzlement in her business.

Recently, Namyangju Nambu Police Station in Gyeonggi-do made a decision not to send Kim away (no charges).

On the other hand, it has not yet been concluded that Mr. Kim filed a lawsuit against Yoochun Park for compensation for damages of 600 million won, saying, "I violated her agency contract and signed a double contract with a Japanese entertainment agency."

(Reporter Kim Ji-hye of SBS Entertainment News)