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  Every Chinese who lives hard is the most beautiful struggler.

It is precisely because of the hundreds of millions of strugglers that China is today.

Ten years, pay tribute to every one of you who have struggled.

Let us work hard together for the new era, and never slack in the future.

  [Explanation] On May 18, in a garbage disposal plant in Hefei, the roar of the machine was heard endlessly, but no garbage could be seen wherever it went.

Food waste will go through procedures such as sorting, crushing, and mixed fermentation here, and it will become bags of organic fertilizer after 45 days.

  [Explanation] Taiwanese businessman He Zhishuo's ancestral home is in Lujiang, Anhui, and he invested in Hefei as early as 2009.

Before "landing", he had worked in the kitchen waste disposal industry in Taiwan for more than 20 years.

Since 2010, the mainland has gradually promoted the resource utilization and harmless treatment of urban kitchen waste, allowing him to see broad prospects for development in the mainland.

In 2012, he was invited to bring Taiwan's mature closed-loop garbage treatment process to Hefei, and he has been working for ten years.

  [Same period] He Zhishuo, a Taiwanese businessman, chooses Hefei the most. The first factor is that I am from Lujiang (Hefei City) and my ancestral home is in Lujiang, so I have different feelings for this land; the second is that I am In 2012, I accepted the invitation of the Hefei Municipal Government, hoping to bring Taiwan's food waste treatment technology to Hefei.

  [Explanation] He Zhishuo said that the history of kitchen waste treatment in Hefei is the epitome of the development of food waste treatment in mainland China, and it is a true portrayal of the whole process of food waste collection and treatment from extensive to refined, from the experimental stage to the mature treatment stage.

  [Same period] Taiwanese businessman He Zhishuo Taiwan did (garbage disposal) relatively early, so we have achieved the entire closed loop in terms of this disposal, that is, there is no secondary pollution at all, which is our better one technology, so we hope to promote our technology to the whole of Hefei, and make a contribution to the environmental protection of the whole of Hefei.

  [Explanation] He Zhishuo introduced that in the past ten years, Hefei has done a lot of work in the formulation and promotion of policies, laws and regulations, etc., so that the general public and merchants can understand and understand garbage classification, as well as the harmlessness and reduction of kitchen waste The necessity of globalization and resource utilization.

In 2021, Hefei will realize the closed-loop process of garbage sorting, and plan to build five kitchen waste treatment plants. It is estimated that by 2025, the kitchen waste treatment capacity will be 1,100 tons per day, and the kitchen waste treatment capacity will be 1,700 tons per day.

  [Same period] When we first came to Taiwan businessman He Zhishuo, the entire investment environment in Hefei was not as good as we imagined in various aspects, but after more than ten years, I think the current Hefei It is completely different from before, the investment environment is very good now, and it is a very good investment city in terms of travel, food, housing and transportation, so I highly recommend our Taiwan compatriots, Come to our city of Hefei to have a look and invest. I am a very good example.

  [Explanation] In March 2022, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued and implemented the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Taiwan Residents' Application for Establishing Individual Industrial and Commercial Households in Pilot Areas for the Innovation and Development of Trade in Services".

With the introduction of new policies and measures this time, the number of open industries has expanded from 24 to 122, covering the "National Economic Industry Classification".

He Zhishuo has also become a beneficiary of the new policy, obtaining an individual business license for the catering industry.

  [Same period] Taiwanese businessman He Zhishuo (Mainland) has issued many (Taiwan) policies to benefit Taiwan compatriots.

I suggest that all young people should actually come here to have a look. Only by seeing for yourself can you know the degree of development of this city; the second is that you will feel the importance of Hefei to our Taiwan compatriots care; the third is that you will see your own path of development.

Then I suggest that young people in Taiwan come to us more often. Whether it is employment or investment, we strongly suggest that they come to Hefei in person to see this welcoming city.

Liu Honghe and Chu Weiwei reported from Hefei, Anhui

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]