At a support facility for persons with disabilities in Nishikobu Village, Hokkaido, it was found that from May to June this year, six staff members repeatedly abused residents, such as leaving them naked for a long time.

The abuse of residents was revealed at Seiryu no Sato, a support facility for people with intellectual disabilities in Nishikobu Village.

According to the social welfare corporation that operates, in June this year, after receiving reports of abuse at the facility, villages and roads interviewed staff and checked security camera footage.

As a result, from May to June this year, it was confirmed that 6 male staff at the facility had physically and psychologically abused 13 men in 38 cases. It means that

Specifically, it was reported that residents were left naked for long periods of time, and were forced to eat food that had spilled out of their bowls.

Six staff members almost admitted the fact of abuse in interviews with the road, etc., and the facility reported the details of the abuse at a briefing session for the families of residents on the 4th.

The social welfare corporation that operates the company is considering disciplinary action against the staff, and will establish an "abuse verification committee" including lawyers and academic experts to investigate the cause and consider measures to prevent recurrence. I'm here.

The social welfare corporation "Nishokoppe Welfare Association", which operates the facility, said, "We have caused a great deal of inconvenience to users and their families. We will redo mental care for users and staff training to prevent recurrence." I'm talking to