The indications of the early release of former tennis star Boris Becker from British custody are growing.

The British newspaper "Mirror" reported on Tuesday that the three-time Wimbledon winner should be deported to Germany next week.

As early as mid-November, the tabloid "Sun" wrote, citing a legal source, that the 55-year-old would probably be released before Christmas and would then have to leave for his home country immediately.

Becker's German lawyer declined to comment on the report.

According to British media reports, the former exceptional athlete should benefit from an accelerated procedure.

According to this, every foreign prisoner who can be released from prison and deported up to twelve months before the earliest release date is eligible.

This is intended to ease the pressure on overcrowded British prisons.

Becker, who comes from Leimen in Baden-Württemberg, has lived in London for years, but does not have British citizenship.

The former exceptional athlete was sentenced to two and a half years in prison at the end of April because he had concealed assets worth millions from his insolvency administrators.

He has been in Huntercombe Prison, west of London, for several months.