China News Service, Beijing, December 5th (Reporter Du Yan) According to the Weibo news released by "Beijing Release" today, from 00:00 to 15:00 on December 5th, there were 2,260 new local cases of new coronary pneumonia virus infection in Beijing, of which, There were 2104 cases of isolated observers, 156 cases of social screening personnel; Chaoyang District had the most cases, with 788 cases; 1 critical case, 7 severe cases, 24 common cases, 495 light cases, and 1733 asymptomatic infections.

At present, the epidemic situation in Beijing continues to develop, and it is necessary to further strengthen the "quartet responsibility" of territories, departments, units, and individuals to ensure that various prevention and control measures are implemented and effective, and make every effort to curb the rising trend of the epidemic and strictly prevent the occurrence of new large-scale epidemics.

  Chaoyang set 1489 detection points on the 5th

  From 0:00 to 24:00 on December 4, there were 311 new local confirmed cases and 1,004 asymptomatic infections in Chaoyang District, of which 47 were social screening personnel and 1,268 were isolation observers; at 0:00 on December 5 As of 15:00, there were 788 new cases of new coronary pneumonia virus infection in Chaoyang District, of which 30 were social screening personnel and 758 were isolation observation personnel.

  At present, the epidemic situation in Chaoyang District is still running at a high level, and cases in the society continue to appear, and there is a risk of transmission.

Facing the new situation and new tasks of epidemic prevention and control, Chaoyang District will continue to adhere to the principle of fast control, concentrate on handling the epidemic situation in key areas, strengthen interdepartmental linkage, set up a mobile sampling team, increase the speed of mixed-management recovery, and ensure that cases in the society can be detected earlier Discover and deal with earlier.

  According to the actual situation in different regions, Chaoyang District adjusted and optimized prevention and control measures in a targeted manner.

Combined with the resumption of work and production and the actual needs of residents, dynamically adjust and optimize the layout of nucleic acid sampling points. On December 5, a total of 1489 detection points and 2386 channels were set up in the whole district.

Among them, 553 fixed sampling points in the social area have been announced through the official platform of Beijing Chaoyang and the media, and the Baidu Gaode map query has been updated in time to provide convenience for the masses as much as possible.

Consolidate the main responsibility of the enterprise, reasonably set the duty rate, and implement various epidemic prevention requirements.

  Chaoyang District continues to make every effort to ensure the supply of materials and medical treatment needs.

Adhere to the "fast sealing and quick opening" of supply guarantee enterprises. At present, large warehouses, supermarkets and front warehouses in the jurisdiction are operating normally, and the market supply is sufficient.

Continue to quickly respond to the medical needs of risk-related personnel, unblock medical channels, accelerate the establishment of a high-quality and efficient hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, make good use of medical resources such as designated hospitals, shelter hospitals, rehabilitation stations, and community health service centers, and further improve the daily necessities guarantee and medical treatment for quarantined personnel. service supply.

  Daxing fully promotes the resumption of work and production of key enterprises

  From 00:00 to 14:00 today, there were 128 new local cases of new coronary pneumonia infection in Daxing District, of which 56 cases were social screening personnel and 72 cases were isolation observation personnel.

  Daxing District adheres to the problem-oriented and systematic concept, implements various prevention and control measures scientifically, accurately and meticulously, and resolutely guards the south gate of the capital to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

  Daxing District is fully promoting the resumption of work and production of key enterprises to ensure stability and order.

Efficiently coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, further consolidate the "quartet responsibility", and promote the resumption of work and production on the basis of strengthening daily epidemic prevention management and doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control in key places such as markets, construction sites, and factories.

  For key biopharmaceutical companies involved in epidemic prevention and control, closed management is implemented in the factory, employees are not allowed to leave the factory unless necessary, and entry and exit are strictly registered.

Actively provide assistance for employees' accommodation, production and living, guarantee living materials and transportation channels, and prevent the risk of external epidemic imports; solve the construction of enterprise raw material warehouses, emergency labor needs, and nucleic acid on-site testing services, and promote the development of enterprises.

At present, relevant enterprises are urgently increasing production capacity to contribute to the city's fight against the epidemic.

At the same time, urge all industries and units within the jurisdiction to strengthen the epidemic prevention management of employees and floating personnel, and strictly implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures for personnel in key industries engaged in "quick repairs, food and cleaning" and other high-mobility occupations. Nucleic acid testing should be performed at a specified frequency.

  Daxing District has made every effort to optimize the nucleic acid testing points in the society to ensure that all volunteers are tested.

According to the requirements of the nucleic acid testing team, Daxing District has optimized the opening points of nucleic acid testing in the social area. For communities with narrow public spaces, the testing points have been adjusted to relatively open places outside the checkpoints of the community or near the community, especially the increase of queues. The detection channels at more points will advance or delay the opening time of nucleic acid detection points, effectively solving the problem of difficult detection by the masses.

At present, a total of 737 nucleic acid testing sites have been opened in Daxing District, including 583 sites in the community and 154 sites outside the community.

We will also continue to pay attention to, dynamically optimize and adjust the layout of nucleic acid testing points according to the actual testing situation, and increase the allocation of sampling forces to facilitate the testing of citizens and friends.

  Shunyi adheres to the "personal defense together" to defend the national defense line

  From 00:00 to 15:00 on December 5th, there were 40 new cases of new coronary pneumonia virus infection in Shunyi District, 39 cases were isolated observation personnel, and 1 case was a social screening personnel.

  Shunyi District has improved the epidemic prevention and control work according to the time and situation, strictly implemented the responsibilities of the four parties, made every effort to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, and effectively coordinated epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development.

  Shunyi District optimizes nucleic acid testing services.

All nucleic acid sampling points in the region should be opened as much as possible, only increasing, not decreasing, to improve the level of service guarantee, and continuously optimize the setting of points.

At present, a total of 368 standardized and normalized nucleic acid sampling points have been set up in the whole region to facilitate local and nearby testing for the masses, and realize "willing to check everything".

At the same time, taking full account of commuting tides and cold protection and cooling, scientifically adjust the opening hours of the points, set up nine 24-hour nucleic acid sampling points, and extend the opening hours of the sampling points near residential areas to 8 pm to meet the differentiated needs of the masses.

In the past three days, the number of nucleic acid tests in the whole region has remained at about 650,000 person-times, providing a solid foundation for tracing the source of the epidemic and quickly dealing with the epidemic.

  Shunyi District strengthens supply and price stability, and spares no effort to protect the "vegetable basket" of citizens.

Adhere to "one enterprise, one policy" and actively promote the resumption of work and production.

Establish and improve the enterprise "white list" system, focusing on core personnel in key positions in key enterprises, giving priority to inclusion in the "white list" mechanism, and dynamically adjusting according to the actual situation.

At present, there are 702 enterprises above the designated size in key industries in the region, and 520 of them have resumed work, with an overall return to work rate of 74.07%.

In the process of promoting the resumption of work and production of enterprises, effectively regulate the "part-time job market", make great efforts to help "part-time workers" find employment, establish an account of 7,463 "part-time workers", and organize people's insurance, housing and construction according to their skills and employment intentions And other functional departments "point-to-point" and "one-to-one" push job information, and guide "part-time workers" to achieve employment nearby.

As of December 4, 4,890 people have been employed, accounting for 65.52% of the total.

  Shunyi District adheres to the "personal defense together" and resolutely guards the national defense line.

Strengthen communication and cooperation with the industry authorities of the Capital Airport, strictly control the "four important gates" of unloading, decomposition, storage, and distribution, and realize closed-loop management of each link of entry at the cargo port.

Carry out regular joint inspections of port operation areas, international express mail centers, and densely populated places, and urge enterprises to carry out multiple disinfections of international inbound goods in the process of entering, picking up, and leaving the warehouse, and mark signs and make reminders to facilitate Implement graded protection in the follow-up transportation and use links, and make every effort to ensure the safety and smooth flow of the capital's "air artery".

  At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complicated, and everyone is the first person responsible for their own health.

I hope that the general public will continue to understand, support, and cooperate with the epidemic prevention work, earnestly fulfill their personal epidemic prevention responsibilities, live a simple life, reduce gatherings, actively vaccinate, and protect the health and safety of themselves and their families to the greatest extent.