, Nanping, December 3 (Reporter Lin Ling) Xiao Ronggui, who is over half a century old, is a tea farmer in Xiaojiawan New Village, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. In the past few days, he has learned some good news from generations of tea growers.

  Recently, "Traditional Chinese tea-making techniques and related customs" were included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which includes the production techniques of Wuyi Rock Tea (Dahongpao) in Fujian Province.

In this regard, Xiao Ronggui said with emotion: "The production skills that our tea farmers have insisted on for generations will be known to more people."

Xiao Ronggui is checking his own tea.

Photo by Li Nanxuan

  At the same time, Xiao Ronggui got a tea package with his portrait printed on it from the young tea master Guo Huang, "After more than 30 years of growing tea and making tea, I finally have a copy of 'my own tea'."

  Wuyi Mountain is a world natural and cultural heritage site. It has thirty-six peaks and ninety-nine rocks, and there are tea in the rocks.

Wuyi rock tea grows in this unique "bonsai-style" tea garden.

"Dahongpao", "Narcissus" and "Cinnamon" are all common varieties of Wuyi rock tea.

  The traditional production techniques of Wuyi rock tea have a long history and a long history.

Its many tea-making "stunts" are mainly reflected in the "withering" of "two drying and two drying", "greening" of "death and resurrection", "finishing" and "shaping" of "double frying and double kneading" and "long-term baking at low temperature". "Baking".

The unique and exquisite production technique makes Wuyi rock tea have the charm of "rock bone flower fragrance".

  Tea lovers often say that Wuyi rock tea is wonderful in its "rock bone flower fragrance".

This kind of beauty depends on the mountain field and production skills of rock tea.

Tea experts believe that if we can take advantage of the "Dongfeng" application for world heritage and promote a platform to showcase tea farmers and mountain farms, Wuyi Rock Tea will attract more tea drinkers and help trace the origin of tea products.

Young tea master Mao Zhongwen (first from the right) is testing new tea with tea lovers.

Photo by Li Nanxuan

  When visiting Wuyi Mountain, tasting tea is an essential part.

Xiao Ronggui was a little shy when he spoke, but when he brewed the "narcissus" he made, he suddenly became confident, "Take a quick sip, this tea has the fragrance of magnolia."

  Picking up the teacup, one can only smell the tea fragrance with a long aftertaste, which makes people feel smooth before drinking; after another sip, the tea soup is slightly bitter at first taste, and it is very fragrant and sweet.

  "Mr. Xiao's tea is really good. After his tea was launched on the platform, some consumers visited the Xiaojiawan tea garden according to the introduction on the package, and asked to buy his tea." After tasting the tea soup, Guo Huang picked up Xiao Ronggui's concoction This "narcissus" feels the fragrance in the hot air.

  Guo Huang loves rock tea very much. During decades of tea-seeking trips, he found that there are still many good teas in Wuyi Mountain that have not been discovered, and many tea farmers who have stuck to the tea-making skills for generations are unknown.

As a result, the idea of ​​promoting a platform for displaying tea farmers and mountain farms arose spontaneously by taking advantage of the wind of "applying for world heritage".

  In order to find good tea, Guo Huang and Mao Zhongwen, a local young tea master in Wuyi Mountain, will visit local tea farmers every tea-making season and strictly select tea in the way of "looking at the tea, not the person".

Xiao Ronggui is making rock tea.

Photo by Li Nanxuan

  Xiao Ronggui's tea is the "fruit" that the two of them found after crossing mountains and mountains.

The Xiaojiawan New Village where Xiao Ronggui lives can be said to grow tea every family, but there are only a handful of tea farmers who are willing to spend time and energy and stick to tea-making skills.

  "Rock tea has a set of traditional picking and processing methods. Since I was 15 years old, I have learned how to grow tea and make tea from my father." Xiao Ronggui said that the tea-making process is from picking greens, withering to making greens, and baking. Every link affects each other. Promote each other, no one can go wrong.

  Xiao Ronggui, who used to be able to watch over the charcoal fire all night long, was a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, his 22-year-old son took on this important task.

The father and son alternate shifts to take care of the charcoal fire, protect their own tea, and pass on the future of Wuyi rock tea.

  Xiao Ronggui, who once didn’t want his son to continue to make tea, has changed a lot now, “Wuyi rock tea has gone to the world, and the government is also very supportive, and there is a good platform to showcase the good tea made by himself. It is definitely beneficial for my child to continue making tea. Future."

The platform has customized packaging for many tea farmers.

Photo by Li Nanxuan

  Tea experts pointed out that Fujian Jiazheng is quickly building a new pattern of Fujian tea development in which tea culture, tea industry, and tea technology are developed in a coordinated manner, mutually promoted, and jointly improved.

Creating such a display platform can also promote the development of Wuyi rock tea industry, increase income for tea farmers, and help revitalize the countryside.

  According to Xiao Ronggui's recollection, in the early years, his tea was simply picked and collected, and the price of the tea was not high.

Nowadays, the platform has stricter requirements for tea, and only good tea can be sold at a good price.

"If you can make good tea, then you won't have to worry about selling it. Naturally, the tea making skills must be more refined."

  Unknowingly, the good tea has been brewed many times, but the unique fragrance of "narcissus" lingers endlessly.

  When parting, Guo Huang mentioned another piece of good news to Xiao Ronggui, "Master, your good tea will soon go out of Fujian with the platform and go to the whole country!" Hearing this, Xiao Ronggui held Guo Huang's hand tightly. hand, mouth repeatedly said "thank you".

  After leaving Xiaojiawan, Guo Huang immediately started to work on the next step: promote the signing of contracts with tea farmers to ensure the tea farmers' income; invite tea masters to the local tea farmers to guide tea farmers to improve their tea making techniques.

"I hope this platform can bring new opportunities for more tea farmers to get rich." (End)