Scarlett Johansson will play the leading role in a series produced by Amazon Studios and intended, as we can imagine, for broadcast on Prime Video.


Just Cause

, this series is presented as an adaptation of the eponymous thriller by John Katzenbach published in 1992.

The novel centers on the characters of Matt Cowart, an editor at a Miami newspaper in the midst of a gender-change process, and Madison Cowart, also a journalist and sent to cover the final days of a death row inmate.

It is this last character that Scarlett Johansson will play, while she will also participate in the production of the series via her company These Pictures.

To buckle the buckle

Scarlett Johansson has a special attachment to this novel.

As Deadline points out, the actress had played in a first adaptation of 1995. She played the daughter of the main character who was played by Sean Connery.

It was the second role of her budding career, since she was just 10 years old at the time!


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