China News Service, Harbin, December 2 (Reporter Liu Xiju) On the evening of the 2nd, the Harbin Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that from 00:00 to 24:00 on December 1, Harbin had 378 new local positive infections of the new coronavirus.

Among them, there were 66 confirmed cases, 30 cases were found in centralized isolation, 26 cases were found in home isolation medical observation, 5 cases were found in community screening, and 5 cases were found in screening of close contacts; 312 cases of asymptomatic infection were found, 95 cases were found in centralized isolation, 156 cases were found in home isolation medical observation, 25 cases were found in community screening, 12 cases were found in non-closed-loop management key personnel screening, 16 cases were found in close contacts screening, 3 cases were found in closed-loop management key personnel screening, and screening in high-risk areas 4 cases were found, and 1 case was found by active consultation (examination).

The information of positive infected persons and their main activities are released as follows:

  1. Newly confirmed cases (mild) 679-744 current address

  Acheng District: Jinyuan Jiayuan Community, 703 Geological Team Residential Building;

  Bin County: Jingjian Village, Jingjian Township, facing Lijiatun;

  Daoli District: No. 500 Youyi Road, Qunli Xinyuan Community, Ideal 0451 Community, R&F Jiangwan New Town Community;

  Daowai District: No. 22-1 Sanyu Street, Baoyu Tianyi Lanshan Community, Fuhong Mingcheng Community;

  Hulan District: Ecological Garden Community, No. 20-1 Xinhua Street, Shenjia Village, Shenjia Street;

  Nangang District: No. 246 Xuefu Road, Chenneng Xishuyuan Community, No. 19 Guoqing Street, No. 26 Hanan Second Avenue, Jingangwan Community, No. 48 Lizhi Street, No. 66 Xuanli Street, Xueyuan Xincheng Community, Zhengyi Huayuan Community, Ha Shuang Road Jingu City, Jingangwan Community;

  Songbei District: Home of the People’s Congress on the Left Bank;

  Wuchang City: Taihelou Community, Weijiatun, Xingshan Village, Niujia Manchu Town, and Fuming North District Community;

  Xiangfang District: Laoyang Fast Food, No. 36 Shengyong Street, Sanheyuan Community, Grand Skylight Community, Mingguang Shui’an Community, No. 176-2 Gongbin Road, Happy Home Community, Shanshangju Community, Building 15 Songle Street , No. 1 Chaobei Road.

  2. The current address of the newly added asymptomatic infected person 1861-2172

  Acheng District: Jinshangjing No. 2 Mansion, Jinyuan Community, Family Building of Agricultural Machinery Bureau;

  Bayan County: Zhang Wancai Village, Xiangyang Village, Longmiao Town, Shanqian Brigade, Shanqian Village, Xiji Town;

  Binxian County: Fuqiang Community, Binzhou Town, Yujiatun, Yongzeng Village, Chang'an Town, Shengjing Jiaju Community, Tianfu Jiayuan, Cultural New Garden, East Bungalow, Grain Depot Road, Ben Street, Jingjian Township, Lijiatun, Jingjian Village, Jingjian Township, The third alley in the north of Jingjian Commune, Jingjian Township, Xinwangtun, Yongnian Village, Niaohe Township;

  Daoli District: Zhongxing Home Community, No. 37 Ansong Street, No. 17 Jingjing Street, No. 121 Anxin Street, Huizhi Dongfangyue, Didel Community, Ideal 0451 Community, Meichen Home Community, No. 2 Gongle West Erdao Street, Tongda Shijia, No. 265 Jianguo Street, No. 35 Heguang Street, Zhengji Jiayuan Community, No. 11 Jingwei Jiudao Street, No. 85-5 Kang'an Road, Poly City Community, Yuanda City Mingzhu Community, Yicuihuafu Community, Songhua River Shang Community, Xinfa Town Original Seed Farm, Xinfa Town Kangjiatun, Minsheng Shangdu Xiangyuan Community, Xinfa Town Xuejia Education Park, Hengda Yuefu Community, No. 11 Andao Street, Yangming Community, Zhaolin Street No. 134, Jin'an Meihao International Apartment, No. 207 Harbin Road, No. 381 Harbin Road, No. 18 Hejiang Street, Songtuo Community, No. 33 Yangming Street;

  Daowai District: No. 70 Huashu Street, No. 60 Chengde Street, Xuanyuan Community, No. 103 Sidao Street, Qilin Huafu Community, Lihua Community, No. 81 Aimin Street Store, Subway Home Community, Xinjiangqiao Community, Baoyu Glory Shangcheng Community, Baoyu Tianyi Lanshan Community, No. 44 Juxin Street, Xinle Community, Yuhu No. 1 Community, Yuecheng 231 Community, Heping Community, Yuying Community, Haijiang Home Community, Yongyuan Town Grain Depot Family Building, Longfujiayuan Community, Group 1 of Zhenxing Street, Yongyuan Town;

  Hulan District: No. 11 Hulan Street Development, Munong Community, Yixing Garden Community, Shengfu Home Community, Petroleum Company Family Building, Hulan Street Health Bureau Family Building, Xinxing Village Hulan Street, Kangjin Street Jingdong Express Fu City Sales Department, Kangle Homeland, Happy Community, Lanhe Mingyuan Community, Guangrong Village Labor Village, Huangping Village Guanjiatun, Xinhua Community, Xubao Village Xubao Township, Luojingtun Village Shenjing Village Yanglin Township, Lijingyuan Community, Zhangbaotun in Changpingfang Village and Changlingtun in Changling Village;

  Nangang District: No. 246 Xuefu Road, Lushang Songjiang New Town, Hanting Hotel (Xuefu Road), Zhengyi Garden Community, No. 15 and 37 Branch Street, No. 413 Maduan Street, No. 131 Shizi Street, Xuanxi Community , Family building of Heilongjiang Vocational College, No. 212 and 28, Innovation Street, No. 69, Heishan Street, No. 213, Beixing Street, staff dormitory on the second floor of the basement of Haxi Station, Jinyu Lancheng Community, and the first floor of the East Square of Haxi Railway Station Warehouse, Beihong Garden Community, Hengxiang Community, Jinyangxin Garden, No. 49-7 Yanxing Road, Fuhua Community, No. 8 Fuxing Street, Trade Union Building Business Hotel, observation room on the first floor of Harbin Station, No. 47 Jianxin Street , Jingucheng Community, Qixing Hotel (Haxi Railway Station), Qikailiyuan Community, No. 144 Shizi Street, Xixi Oak Park Community, Xuanhua Street Auto Parts City, No. 49-7 Yanxing Road, No. 18 Yingbu Street, Changjiang River Nephrology Hospital, Hanting Hotel (Hongbo Plaza, Dongdazhi Street), Chenneng Xishuyuan Community, Dijing Community, No. 60 Xuande Street, Xuanhua Community, No. 122 Xuanhua Street, No. 64 Xuanli Street, Xuanqing Community, No. 138 Xiajiashu Street, No. 37 Liaoyang Street, No. 192 Minyi Street, Paris Fifth District Community, Sunshine Home Community, Staff Dormitory at No. 737 Ha Shuang Road, Wanggang Town, Junhecheng Community, Jingangwan Community , No. 46 and No. 74 Wenjiao Street, No. 11 Wenping Street, Yueshan International Community, College New City Community;

  Shangzhi City: Guoyuan Community, Shangzhi Town;

  Shuangcheng District: Poly New Town Community in Wujia Street, Jiangong Village in Yonghe Street;

  Songbei District: Zhaojia Toll Station Chenei, Jinhaosi Classic Community, Poly Guanlan Community, Sunac Zhongyuan Community, Diheng Tuscany Community;

  Tonghe County: Shengli Village, Xin'an Village, Tonghe Town;

  Wuchang City: Weijiatun, Anjia Town, Team 2, Bajiazi Village, Bajiazi Township, Dahuang Village, Beiyinhe Town, Taihelou Community, Niujia Toll Station, Niujia Manchu Town, Shanshui Community, Fuxin Jiayuan Community , Platinum Mansion Community, Fushun Home Community, Building No. 2, Trade Union Building, Wuchang Town, North Building, Sanitation Complex Building, Nansandao Street, Wuchang Town, No. 8 Nongye Street, Zoujiatun, Xinghua Village, Changshan Township;

  Xiangfang District: Rome Gongyuan Community, No. 12 Shunshui Street, No. 39 Zhujiang Road, Sanheyuan Community, Yuanda Metropolitan Oasis Community, Songdian New Village Community, 19-8-10 Shops in Huilong 19th Street, Golden City State Community, Wanda Apartment, No. 315 Minsheng Road, Hongcheng Haorenjia Community, No. 176-2 Gongbin Road, No. 185 Gongbin Road, Yuanchuang Yuefu Community, Lanying Apartment, Mingguang Waterfront Community, Chengdong Xinju Community, Linji Community, Xianglin Mingyuan Community, Xingfujiayuan Community, Taixin Guodian Community, Wapenyao Expressway Exit Chenei, No. 45-4 Xiangfang Street, Xingfuli Community, Gongbin Community, Zhujiang Junjing Community;

  Yanshou County: South Building of Ping'an Community, Jiaxin Town;

  Yilan County: Building 30, Lianhe Mining Industry, Darienhe Town, Zhushan Village, Hongkeli Town.

  3. Main activity track and risk points

  November 27 morning

  Xiangfang District: Guoxin Fresh Supermarket (near Linji Community, Jinxiang Street)

  Daoli District: Ideal 0451 Community

  Nangang District: Weijia Noodle Shop (Xiajiashu Street), Quanying Fresh Supermarket (Shizijie Store), Fanshen Village Committee (No. 25 Kangning Road)

  Daowai District: Hongjiu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (No. 40, Diling Street), Yipinxiang Biscuit Shop (southeast of Yongyuan People's Court), Yangming Grocery Store (Yongyuan Town)

  Hulan District: Yuantong Express (Kangjin Street), Hulan Highway Passenger Station Office (the intersection of Leshui Street and Dongfu Road)

  Wuchang City: Lingxian (Shanhe Street Store), New Drugs and Special Drugs (Mobile Community Store),

  Yilan County: Qianzihao Noodle Restaurant (Wuguocheng Road Store)

  Others: Bus No. 37 from Xuanhua Street Station to Nanzhi Intersection Station, Bus No. 236 from No. 14 Middle School Station to Gongnong Street Xingjiang Intersection Station, and Bus No. 4 from City Geriatric Hospital Station to Yimian Street Station

  Online car-hailing (black AL***6), taxi (black A1***7)

  November 27 afternoon

  Xiangfang District: Carrefour (Minsheng Store), Guoquan Shihui Hot Pot Barbecue Supermarket (Wenchang Gongguan Store), Yiyuan Supermarket (Farm Street Store), Xianying Fruit and Vegetables (Haliang District 1)

  Nangang District: Yoda Grill (Baling Store), No. 58 Branch Street, Xintiandi Supermarket (Great Store), Aike Supermarket (Lianmei Culture Store), Senzhu Pharmacy (Hanguang Store), Youlike Pizza (West Bridge Residential District Store), Habaike Supermarket (Broad Store), Xiaozitaitai Tea Restaurant (Jianshe Street Store), Miqi (Fenglin Red Square Store), Guoguojia (Guogeli Street Store)

  Hulan District: Veterans Affairs Bureau (No. 236 Jianshe Road), Harbin New Town Business Hotel (Building No. 4, Lanhe New Town)

  Acheng District: Lilac Home Community

  Shuangcheng District: Zhuxiansheng Supermarket (Seres Store)

  Wuchang City: Nanpengyuan Supermarket (opposite the South Gate of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Jianshe Street)

  Yilan County: Meilianmei Supermarket (Xinlou Lane Store), Darienhe Town Mining Community

  Others: Bus No. 37 from Nanzhilukou Station to Xuanhua Street Station, Bus No. 82 from Harbin Railway Bureau Station to Swan Hotel Station

  Train K1392 from Cangzhou Station to Harbin Station has 13 cars and 76 seats

  Taxi (Black A2***7)

  All day on November 27

  Xiangfang District: Tiedong Subdistrict Office (No. 8 Tuanjie Street), Zhujiang Hospital (No. 25 Zhujiang Road)

  Daoli District: Huizhi Dongfangyue Hotel (No. 25 Metal Street), Huizhi Dongfangyue Community

  Daowai District: Baoyu Tianyi Lanshan Property Center (in the courtyard of No. 88 Beima Road)

  Hulan District: District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (No. 54, North Street)

  Songbei District: Zhongcheng Department Store (1333 Zhongyuan Avenue)

  Wuchang City: Quanying Supermarket (Yachen Road Store)

  Morning of November 27th and 28th

  Nangang District: Ronghui Weili Supermarket (Fuhua Store)

  Afternoon of November 27th and 28th

  Daowai District: Liu Fugui Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic (Hatong Road, Yongyuan Town)

  All day on November 27th and 28th

  Xiangfang District: RT-Mart Supermarket (Xiangfang Wanda Plaza store)

  Daowai District: Central Health Center of Yongyuan Town (Hatong Highway, Yongyuan Town)

  Morning of November 27-29

  Songbei District: Love My Housekeeping (No. 269, Jiangping Street)

  Afternoon of November 27th - 29th

  Songbei District: Jinye Convenience (No. 42 Hengyuan Street)

  Hulan District: Quanying Fresh Supermarket (Kangjin Street)

  All day from November 27th to 29th

  Xiangfang District: Wanda Plaza (17 Hengshan Road)

  Nangang District: No. 246 Xuefu Road

  All day from November 27th to 30th

  Pingfang District: Gooday Logistics (No. 72 Songjiang Road)

  Daowai District: Heilongjiang Changjiang Kidney Disease Specialized Hospital (No. 326 Xianfeng Road)

  November 28 morning

  Xiangfang District: Xuanxi Life Supermarket (Yuanchuang Yuefu), Jiaxin Pharmacy (Jiakang Branch)

  Daoli District: Qisheng Cangmai (No. 55 Yangming Street), Quanying Fresh (Intersection of Dadao Street and Harbin Road), Jiadele Supermarket (Jade City Store), No. 130 Anshun Street, Longjiang Bank ( Shanghe Sub-branch)

  Nangang District: Taoxiangji Fried Shop (Qiulin Store), He Yiya Crispy Roast Duck Rice (No. 53 Guomin Street), Baiguohui Siji Fresh (Great Store), Renhe Innovation Market (Guogeli Street and Intersection of Innovation Street)

  Daowai District: Xinhongyue Logistics (No. 148 Xianfeng Road), Baoyu Tianyi Lanshan Property Center (No. 88 Beima Road)

  Hulan District: Yuantong Express (Kangjin Street), Harbin New City Business Hotel (Building 4, Lanhe New City)

  Acheng District: Xijun Fresh Supermarket (No. 44, Shangjing Avenue), Dingxiangjiayuan Community, Shangjing Plaza, Chengxin Grain and Oil Store (Building 11, Chaoyang Community)

  Wuchang City: Shanhe Town People's Government (Cultural Street), Lingxian (Shanhe Street Store)

  Yilan County: Gas Station (opposite to Darien River Town Middle School)

  Others: Bus No. 30 from Xuanhua Street Station to Nanzhi Road Station

  Train K339 from Beijing Station to Harbin East Station has 11 cars and 50 seats

  Taxi (Black A7***1)

  November 28 afternoon

  Xiangfang District: Bai Yaoshi (Xing'an Pharmacy), No. 26 Heping Road, Xianguifang Seafood Wholesale (Junli Store), Yangbuyuan Pharmacy (Junmin Street), Ronghui Weili Cangmai (Hengshan Store), Jingdong Convenience Store (Chemical Road Store), Xinsongxiyuefu Community, Hengrui Xinte Drugstore (Ha'an Street)

  Daoli District: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Guxiang Sub-branch), Youxianda Fresh (Xinting Street), Xijiade (Gaoqiao Branch), Qiulin Lidaos (Hetu Branch), Xuejia, Wuxing Village, Xinfa Town, Shop No. 53, Anhong Street

  Nangang District: Charcoal-fired barbecue restaurant (No. 91-9, Renhe Street), Xindong Fresh Supermarket (No. 113, Pinggong Street), Sheng Enli Vegetables and Fruits (No. 72, Bile Street), Jin Tianxinxin Pharmacy (Bixin Branch), Qikailiyuan Community, Xintongyu Auto Parts (East Gate of China Southern Airlines Jiayuan), Xintiandi Supermarket (Minyi Street), Building 72 of Xuanxi Community, No. 47 Courtyard of Jiejie Street, Lujia Street Courtyard 51, Landan Pharmacy (Wenjiao Street Store), Huawei Pharmacy (Wanggang Store), No. 141 Yiman Street, Harbin West Railway Station South Underground Parking Lot, Toilet

  Hulan District: Highway Passenger Station Office

  Wuchang City: Hualian Supermarket (Platinum Mansion Store)

  Yilan County: Darien River Expressway Toll Station checkpoint

  Others: Bus No. 37 from Nanzhilukou Station to Xuanhua Street Station

  Flight 35A from Guangzhou Station to Harbin CZ6262

  Taxi (black A2***7), online car-hailing (black AT***5)

  All day on November 28

  Xiangfang District: Zhujiang Hospital (No. 25 Zhujiang Road)

  Daoli District: No. 505 Harbin Road

  Daowai District: Yongyuan Town Central Health Center (Hatong Highway)

  Songbei District: Huamei Pacific Place (3299 Songpu Avenue)

  All day from November 28th to 30th

  Nangang District: Xintong Auto Parts (64 Xuande Street)

  November 29 morning

  Xiangfang District: Carrefour (Minsheng Store), Xiangjiang Moon Boutique (No. 30-9, Zhongshan Street), Xinsongxiyuefu Community

  Daoli District: Haide Pharmacy (38 Anguo Street)

  Nangang District: Yuehuigou Fresh Supermarket (Guogeli Street Store), Hey Spicy Duck Quzhou Yatou (Haxi Zhonghai Store), Chunyu Cangmai (Jingangwan Community), Guijie Noodle Restaurant (Post Street), Fujie Shaobing (Xiajiashu Street), Guomin Shaobing (Beijing Street), Yanduo Supermarket (Branch Street), Come Here to Buy Super Discount Warehouse (in the courtyard of No. 26 Qinghua Street), Huixinyuan Cangmai (No. 22 Bashan Street)

  Daowai District: Locomotive Community Health Service Center (No. 36 Nanketou Street), Locomotive Office Water Conservancy Community (Birches Street), Huabin Hotel (Nanke Lusha Community), Four Sisters Beer Roast Duck (Yihua Shopping Center)

  Others: Bus No. 30 from Xuanhua Street Station to Nanzhi Road Station

  Metro Line 2 Harbin Station to Shimao Avenue Station, Metro Line 3 Chengxiang Road Station to Zhengyi Road Station

  No. 7 lower berth in car 16 of train T47 from Shenyang North Station to Harbin Station, and upper berth 20 of train K339 from Beijing Station to Harbin East Station in car 04

  Taxi (black A4***T), taxi (black AT***3), online car-hailing (black A3***9), online car-hailing (black AP***6), carpooling (black A7 ***2)

  November 29 afternoon

  Xiangfang District: Heping Road Post and Telecommunications Branch, 365 Fresh Supermarket (Grand Skylight Store), Xianguifang Seafood Wholesale (Junli Store), Ha Yipin Tulu Red Sausage Deli Food Shop (Junli Street)

  Daoli District: Star Future Media Co., Ltd. (Building B1, No. 2907, Qunli Seventh Avenue), Nanjing Tangbao (Qunli Seventh Avenue), Zitong Convenience Store (East Jingjiang Road)

  Nangang District: Yuqiang Convenience Store (Harbin West Railway Station East Plaza), KFC (Jinjue Vientiane Store), Zero Zero Memory Sauce Bone (Building 201, Keda District)

  Hulan District: JD Express (Fucheng Community), YTO Express (Kangjin Street)

  Songbei District: Jinxiu Homeland (Jiang'an Street), Yifa Pharmaceutical Chain (Jinxiu Store)

  Others: Bus No. 37 from Nanzhilukou Station to Xuanhua Street Station

  Block 09B, Car 08, Train G929 from Beijing Chaoyang Station to Harbin West Station

  All day on November 29

  Xiangfang District: Linyuan Community (No. 77 Qizhi Road)

  Nangang District: No. 122 Zhonghe Street, Chengzhiyou Life Supermarket (Wenping Apartment Store)

  All day on November 29th and 30th

  Nangang District: Haxi Highway Passenger Station (Zhongxing You Street)

  Hulan District: Highway Passenger Station Office

  November 30 morning

  Xiangfang District: Hujia Biscuits (Yuanchuang Yuefu), Jiaxin Pharmacy (Jiakang Branch), Carrego Fresh Food Supermarket (Chemical Road), Yuexin Cangmai (Yuanchuang Yuefu), No. 82 Zhongshan Road

  Nangang District: No. 122 Zhonghe Street, Hey Spicy Duck Quzhou Yatou (Haxi Zhonghai Store), Dazhi Cangmai (Building B5, Sunshine Home Phase II)

  Hulan District: Kangjin Toll Station Checkpoint, Times Oasis Community

  Acheng District: Maomao Porridge Shop (Jin Shangjing No. 2 Mansion Store)

  Wuchang City: Neighborhood Committee of Xunli Second Community (Shengshi Xincheng Community), Cainiao Station (west gate of Sandstone Group Community), Mama Station (north side of Yiyuan Community, Pedestrian Street)

  Yilan County: Fat Brother Five-Yuan Steak Pan Noodle Restaurant (Beicai City Complex Building)

  Others: Train K339 from Beijing Railway Station to Harbin East Railway Station has 11 cars and 116 seats

  Online car-hailing (black A6***7)

  November 30 afternoon

  Xiangfang District: Zhonghui Fresh (Wood Street Store)

  Daoli District: Yimu Supermarket (Yueshan Store)

  Nangang District: Chengzhiyou Supermarket (Wenping Apartment Store), Qixing Hotel (West Railway Station Store), Laile Super Discount Store (No. 536 Haxi Street), Yingjie Fruit and Vegetable Supermarket (No. 21-9 Lianbu Street)

  Wuchang City: Dajixiang Village, Xingye Village

  Yanshou County: Lijiadian checkpoint

  Others: Block 04D, Car 11, Train G901 from Beijing Chaoyang Station to Harbin West Station, Block 7B, Car 06, Train D7829 from Harbin West Station to Fangzheng Station, Block 07A, Car 03, Train G772 from Jiamusi Station to Fangzheng Station, Beijing Chaoyang Station to Harbin West Station G929 train 11 car 15C seat

  All day on November 30

  Xiangfang District: Linyuan Community (No. 77 Qizhi Road)

  Nangang District: Service Center in front of the Bus Station, East Square, Haxi Station, Cainiao Station (Building D3, Sunshine Home North District)

  Yilan County: Yilan toll station bayonet, guests come (west of Gardener Golden Homeland), Henan school pump training (southeast of the intersection of Tongjiang Road and Linha Lane), Macalor Fresh Supermarket (Shuiyun Zicheng Phase II Area A)

  Others: Taxi (Black LT***1)

  morning of December 1

  Others: Train K339 from Shenyang North Station to Harbin East Station.