Former national soccer team Lee Dong-guk's daughter Jaeshi and son Xian met Korea's national soccer team captain Son Heung-min as a 'dad chance'.

On November 30, Lee Soo-jin, wife of Lee Dong-guk, posted a photo of her daughter Jae-si and her son Xian, who met Son Heung-min and other national team players in Qatar, where the World Cup is being held, through SNS.

In the published photo, Jaeshi and Xian posed with Son Heung-min and even got their uniforms signed.

In addition, a video was released of Xian hiding behind his father Lee Dong-guk out of embarrassment at Son Heung-min's prank.

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Along with the photo, Mr. Lee Soo-jin said, "Where can there be a more caring smile than this? Heung-Min Son, the sweetest and warmest player in the world." It was the first time I saw Daebak Xian like this. I felt with my whole body that Xian was a player I really liked."

Then he added, "When he saw all these great players come to greet his dad, say respectful words, and take selfies, he said for the first time that he felt, 'My dad is such a wonderful dad'. Superman's dad was the proudest day."

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Lee Dong-guk married Miss Korea Lee Su-jin in 2005 and has 4 daughters and 1 son.

Lee Dong-guk and his children appeared in KBS 2TV's 'The Return of Superman' in the past and received great love from viewers.

[Photo = Lee Soo-jin's Instagram capture]

Reporter Seon-ae Kang    

(SBS Entertainment News Reporter Seon-ae Kang)