Several chickens were found dead at a poultry farm in Tottori City, and genetic testing detected a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus.

From the morning of the 1st, the prefecture has been disposing of about 110,000 chickens raised at this poultry farm.

According to Tottori Prefecture, 40 chickens were found dead by the morning of November 30 at a poultry farm in Tottori City, and as a result of genetic testing by the prefecture, a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus with a high fatality rate was detected. it was done.

This is the first time that an avian influenza virus has been detected at a poultry farm in Tottori Prefecture.

In response to this, it was decided to dispose of the chickens at this poultry farm, and 125 employees gathered at the prefectural office at 4 am on the 1st, changed into protective clothing, and headed for the poultry farm.

The prefectural government also requested the Self-Defense Forces to dispatch a disaster relief force, and began work at 5:00 a.m. with a total of 260 prefectural officials and units from the Ground Self-Defense Force Yonago Garrison.

The poultry farm has about 110,000 chickens, the largest in the prefecture, and it is expected that all disposal will be completed on December 3rd.

At the prefectural task force meeting held on the morning of the 1st, Governor Hirai said, ``Poultry farmers in the prefecture need to thoroughly manage their poultry houses so that such a situation does not repeat itself. We will follow up together."

In addition, the prefecture has designated an area within a 3-kilometer radius around this poultry farm as a "restricted movement area," which prohibits the movement of chickens and eggs, and a 10-kilometer radius, which is a "restricted export area," which prohibits shipments from that area. I have specified that there are no other poultry farms within this range.