A program full of dazzling shows and family events par excellence

Video.. Winter Dubai Expo City: It's the season of happy celebrations

  • The charming winter city is the latest addition to Dubai Expo City.

    Photography: Ashok Verma


Through lighting shows and markets organized in the form of old huts decorated with lights, snow houses, and figures from fairy tales, the charming winter city opened in Dubai Expo City, which will offer its visitors many entertainment activities aimed at all family members.

The city is distinguished by its warm atmosphere and offers a unique entertainment experience that combines lighting shows, sliding games and activities that attract all family members, making it a family destination par excellence.

The corridors of Dubai Expo City, adorned with snow-covered pine trees and dazzling lights, take visitors into the atmosphere of the festive season, especially with the entry of the "Santa's House", which carries a lot of warmth in design and festive contents.

Visitors can take pictures with the character "Santa Claus" or "Mama Claus" who are in the house, or even write letters of their wishes and dreams through the Santa Claus post office.

A new light show for the festive season was also launched, and it started yesterday in the Al Wasl Dome, and will continue to be presented daily until January 8, 2023. The events hosted by the city during the festive season will be completed through the dazzling ceremony that will be presented in Al Wasl Square on the ninth of December, to illuminate The Christmas tree, which exceeds 15 meters in length, gives a distinctive atmosphere to Al Wasl Square.


For her part, Dalia Kattan, Creative Director of Events at Expo City Dubai, told Emirates Today about the new events: “The Winter City is one of the events that launched this week, along with the Fun City that recently started, and all of these additions are integrated to offer visitors an experience Unique entertainment.

Regarding the celebrations of the festive season this month, she indicated that the activities begin with the celebration of the 51st Union Day, which will extend for four days, as the waterfalls area witnesses many activities, including an Emirati market that displays local handicrafts, as well as popular foods, in addition to the Al-Ayala teams. And Al-Azi show, which the artist Al-Wasmi participated in preparing and wrote his words, and it is specially produced for Dubai Expo City.

She pointed out that the activities of the Union Day follow with the return of concerts, as the first concert will be presented tomorrow, in cooperation with the "MBC" group, and will witness the participation of the artist Aida Al-Menhali and the artist Dalia Mubarak.

family destination

And about the new shows that will be added to this holiday season, Dalia Kattan explained that for the first time a light show will be presented on the dome of Al Wasl Square, bearing the details of the holidays and the colors of decorations, while a new work has been produced entitled “Carols by Candlelight” that will be shown in Al Wasl Square, and it can be viewed By purchasing tickets.

And she believed that the winter weather allows for a strong re-launch of Dubai Expo City, through distinctive outdoor activities, as indoor pavilions will be resorted to in the summer, noting that Expo Dubai City is heading today to gain the classification of a family destination in the first place, and therefore all the activities that it organizes fall under this. Going to a safe place carries a lot of diversity, as everyone is able to find what they want in it, whether nature or outdoor patios, in addition to the fact that visitors carry a lot of nostalgia for the days of Expo 2020 Dubai.

And the Creative Director of Events at Expo City Dubai considered that the return of visitors to Expo City Dubai requires a strategy based on a program rich in activities for families, as visitors are the ones who have the ability to revive the place.

She mentioned that the city's return coincided with the start of the World Cup, which contributed to attracting many, as spaces were allocated for families to watch the matches, which was an opportunity to breathe the city's spirit again.

And she continued, "There is a shift in the special vision of Dubai Expo City, as it can be entered from all doors and without any fees, just as parking lots are close to all entrances, and care has been taken to ensure that many activities are free, and others have acceptable fees, so that families have the opportunity to enjoy experiences." Diverse city.

• Visitors can take pictures with "Santa Claus" or "Mama Claus" or write letters of their wishes and dreams through Santa's post office.

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Dalia Kattan:

• "The winter weather allows for a strong re-launch of the city, especially from the gateway to distinguished outdoor events."

Camp for two weeks

The activities organized by Dubai Expo City for its visitors vary during the winter season, and the first activities begin with the 51st Union Day party, which will bring together artists Eida Al Menhali and Dalia Mubarak.

It also organizes a winter camp for children between the ages of six and 12, for school students, where they can register and benefit from workshops, tours and activities in the sustainability pavilion “Terra” and the mobility pavilion “Alef”.

The winter camp period extends for two weeks, and activities start from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon.

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