In a lawsuit filed by a woman who attended a private high school in Tokyo, the Tokyo District Court said, He pointed out that ``recommending voluntary withdrawal without educational guidance is beyond the scope of the principal's discretion and is illegal,'' and handed down a judgment ordering the school to pay compensation of more than 900,000 yen.

A woman who attended private school Horikoshi High School in Tokyo was advised to drop out voluntarily for violating school rules prohibiting male-female relationships after the school learned that she was dating a male classmate when she was in her third year. , means that he has dropped out of school.

The woman demanded compensation from the school, claiming that ``unreasonable school rules are invalid and it is unfair to be recommended to voluntarily drop out.''

In the ruling on the 30th, presiding judge Kazuhiro Murata of the Tokyo District Court pointed out, ``The school rule that bans dating between men and women is to concentrate on schoolwork, and it is rational and effective from the school's educational policy.'' .

On the other hand, "It cannot be said that the degree of violation of school rules by the former student was malicious, and it cannot be said that there was a risk of encouraging other students to have sex with other students if they were not recommended to drop out voluntarily. The impact on the former student was It is serious, and it is unreasonable to make a recommendation without educational guidance, and it is illegal because it is beyond the scope of the principal's discretion."

Hisao Kakemoto, the principal of Horikoshi High School, said, "After carefully examining the verdict, we would like to carefully discuss with the parties concerned before making a decision."