While the Restos du Coeur are launching their new winter food aid and meal distribution campaign, more and more people find themselves weakened by the current price inflation.

Patrice Douret, who chairs the association, therefore directly challenges Emmanuel Macron: "Mr. President of the Republic, you have the power to improve the lives of the most modest in our country", he underlines.

New issues come into play

This winter is already shaping up to be more difficult than the previous ones in the country: “last year, restaurants welcomed 1.1 million people and distributed 142 million meals and, as you know, since the start of this crisis inflationary, we are experiencing a 12% increase in the number of people welcomed, 15% more families, 15% more families, 25% babies from 0 to 3 years old,” explains Patrice Douret.

“Today, a third of what we distribute is purchased,” continues Patrice Douret.

What we buy, we also buy at prices that have risen sharply, between 15 and 20% increase, basic products, mainly food, but also hygiene products ”.


The official specifies that he needs “a boost from the State, in particular on the tax credit.

Because when you give one euro of public money to the Restos du Coeur, it's five to six euros of missions, social actions directly with the most deprived in capacity to deploy.

It's public money, I agree, but it's first and foremost an investment in the future, ”says Patrice Douret.


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