There is a big contrast in cross-border movies made by football stars, and football-themed movies convey rich culture. The big screen presents the immortal legend of the green field

  The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is in full swing, and many football stars have attracted attention.

On the big screen, there are also a number of works that record the growth of these star players. The film cameras follow the footsteps of football stars such as Pele, Zidane, Beckham, etc., leaving behind a series of classic films of related themes. do.

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  The star crosses the border and leaves a healthy figure

  Because of the popular broadcast of the World Cup, many football stars have been frequently searched recently. They are not only shining stars on the green field, but also radiant protagonists on the big screen, and they have brought great contrast to the fans. Big screen image.

For example, Zidane once played a guest at a wedding in the comedy film "The Heroes of Gaul vs. Prince Caesar", and he showed his fans his talent for humor.

Brazil's star soccer player Neymar made a cameo appearance in "XxX 3" and successfully subdued the robbers with superb football skills.

  The 2016 biographical film "The Birth of a Legend" focused on the "ball king" Pele, telling his inspirational journey from a shoe shine boy in a slum to a football star.

The film begins with Pele making his global debut at the age of 17 during the 1958 World Cup, with a surprise appearance by Pele himself.

  In the list of classic football movies, "Victory" released in 1981 often tops the list. Hollywood star Stallone and other co-stars.

It is worth mentioning that the stars have dedicated their personal performances in the film. Ardiles, a member of the 1978 Argentina World Cup champion team, staged the skill of picking the ball with his heel, and Pele reproduced the stunt of barb shooting.

In order to film "Victory Escape", England player Somerby flew to Hungary, spent six weeks in Budapest, and finally completed the filming of "Victory Escape".

Summerby once said, "Footballers want to be actors and actors want to be players."

  The movie "I Love Beckham" turned the football story into a comedy, and Beckham also made a cameo in the film.

Since then, Beckham has fallen in love with the big screen, and guest starred as an agent in the movie "Secret Agent" directed by his friend Richie.

In "King Arthur: Clash of the Beasts", Beckham appears as a warrior with a sharp blade and armor.

  The lens pursues the growth of football stars

  As an important branch of sports movies, football-themed movies not only reproduce the demeanor of football superstars for fans, but also convey rich cultural connotations.

For example, the "Become Famous" series of films integrate football with many elements, telling the transformation of "Santiago", a young man with football dreams, from grassroots to superstar.

Recreating wonderful scoring moments is the highlight of football-themed movies, and the sportsmanship presented in the movie is also very touching. For example, Santiago in "Because of One Goal" is steadfast despite repeated setbacks for his clear goal. Great sportsmanship changes personal destiny.

  Released in 2004, "Dream in Orange" was based on the legendary star Cruyff. This movie not only showed the superb football skills of the 12-year-old protagonist, but also described ordinary families, fathers and children, and football dreams. It shows football players' simple affection for football and the great spirit of fatherly love.

  There are also many football-themed videos that edit and present the real game process of the stars.

The movie "Zidane: Portrait of the 21st Century" focused on a league match of Real Madrid. The two directors used 17 high-quality cameras to aim at Zidane, presented the whole game from his perspective, and edited it into more than 90 minutes movie of.

The whole movie actually records the process of Zidane's game, but the film lens not only records the progress of the game, but also tells Zidane's feelings about football by switching 17 cameras and background music. , the film is also interspersed with other real events that took place outside the football field at the same time.

  It is worth mentioning that the sound effect of the movie "Zidane: Portrait of the 21st Century" is very immersive. You can hear the sound of Zidane's breathing while running, the sound of footsteps walking across the turf on the field, and the sound of players colliding with each other. The sound gave the audience the illusion that they were playing at the same time as the players on the field.

Through the expression of film language, a real football game has an immersive experience and moving.

  (Source: Qilu Evening News, November 30, 2022, version A12)