[Explanation] Recently, the scientific research personnel of Guizhou University discovered a dinosaur footprint again in Maotai Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou Province. It was the same period as the dinosaur footprint discovered in another place in Maotai Town in 2017. This is very important for the study of the early Jurassic Renhuai's dinosaur diversity and paleoecology have very important supplementary significance.

  [Explanation] The dinosaur footprints discovered this time are on the slope of a highway in Maotai Town, with an area of ​​about 100 square meters.

The rock formation where the footprints are located is the Lower Jurassic Ziliujing Formation, a set of dark purple-red middle-layer argillaceous fine sandstone.

After careful identification and marking by the scientific research personnel of Guizhou University, a total of 18 relatively clear dinosaur footprints were found, including one track and other isolated footprints. The footprints are 7-13 cm long and 6-14 cm wide, and the footprint depth is generally shallow. , the weathering damage is more serious.

  [Sound at the same time] Wen Xuefeng, associate professor of Guizhou University

  Judging from the shape of the footprints, we now preliminarily judge that it belongs to theropod dinosaurs and early Jurassic carnivorous dinosaurs.

  [Explanation] From the shallow ripple marks and mud cracks on the rock formations, the scientific research personnel inferred that this area was a shallow lake in the early Jurassic period, and the climate was relatively dry. At that time, a group of sauropod and theropod dinosaurs were here. Formed by foraging, drinking or passing, it is consistent with the group of dinosaur footprints discovered in Maotai Town in 2017.

  [Sound at the same time] Wen Xuefeng, associate professor of Guizhou University

  At that time, only one theropod (dinosaur footprint) was found on Diaoyutai (a location in Maotai Town). Now we find such theropod footprints here, which is a very good supplement to the previous (discovery) on Diaoyutai. .

Here and there are the same set of formations and the same set of rocks, which can constitute an ecosystem in the early Jurassic period, a dinosaur paradise.

  [Explanation] According to reports, dinosaur footprints must be formed when walking on a surface with very moderate temperature, viscosity, and particle size. The morphological characteristics of dinosaur footprints can provide a lot of important information.

At present, the scientific expedition personnel have completed the on-site investigation, measurement and sample collection, and are in the process of data collation to quantitatively invert the ancient ecology of Renhuai in the early Jurassic period.

In the next step, they will combine the previous research results on the dinosaur footprints in Maotai Town to systematically compile a set of popular science teaching materials for exploring the Renhuai dinosaurs and give full play to their scientific education value.

  [Sound at the same time] Wen Xuefeng, associate professor of Guizhou University

  Through its walking posture, footprint position, stride, and angle, it can restore the way the dinosaur walked at that time, and write it into our popular science books. In fact, our investigation will eventually produce special science books. It is a A very good piece of material.

  Guo Kunlin, Shi Yuanbo, Yuan Chao, Pu Wensi, Zunyi, Guizhou

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]