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On its 51st birthday, the UAE is competing with itself

Mona Bousmara


December 01, 2022

Two people do not disagree that the establishment of the state of the union is one of the most prominent achievements of Sheikh Zayed, may God rest his soul, as the idea of ​​the federation was born in the mind of the founding father at an early date prior to the announcement of the establishment of the state on the second of December 1971, which received strong support from his late brother, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai at the time, to turn an abstract idea into a tangible reality.

However, what Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, was unique from farsightedness was remarkable, as he was aware with his insight that the future would not be for small weak states, but rather for large, powerful entities and blocs.

Therefore, he wasted no time in building a strong and solid Emirati edifice, with the testimony of the countries of the world.

The seven Emirates melted into one crucible, and agreed to move forward in building a great country with wise leadership, which does not accept an alternative to the first positions in various fields and at all levels.

The successor did not differ from the predecessor, and the compass never deviated. Rather, the generation of children sought to build on what had been achieved, develop and improve it, and adopt the latest innovations in science and technology, in preparation for reaching broader horizons, commensurate with the requirements of the twenty-first century, until the state reached Mars. And its children reached space, to benefit from the age of science, and to benefit others aspiring to glory.

And after the state, through the efforts of its wise leadership, achieved the first ranks at all levels, and the advancement of life and the building of a civilization based on the concept of tolerance and the right to life for all peoples, regardless of their religion and color, became its supreme goal, it became difficult for many countries to match it in terms of Its achievements and the diversification of its sources of income, until it has become as if it is competing with itself, in this difficult time that the world is going through on the economic and political levels.

During the fifty years of the short life of the state, the UAE achieved what other countries did not achieve in 500 years, and it possesses the capabilities and minds in the educational, health and economic levels, and within the framework of strategies aimed at improving the standard of living of the people of the state, and achieving prosperity and well-being for them, and for all residents on its land, Until she became a proverb in persevering work, and overcoming difficulties, whatever they were.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, the President of the State, may God protect him, and his deputy, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and their brothers, Their Highnesses, the rulers of the Emirates, have the right to be proud of their country, the state of glory, the state of tolerance, which they laid down on the foundations of civilization and science, while adhering to its religion and values. And its cultural heritage, and thus it has become the focus of hopes of far and near, those who seek to emulate it, and to reach the ranks it has reached.

And we are on the cusp of 50 new years of the long life of our state, God willing. We set foresight and arming ourselves with science as a lofty goal that we seek, in order to make a difference with others, not only in our region, but also across the world, and we are all confident that we are with our leadership that God, Glory be to Him, has harnessed. To serve this country, we will reach our dreams and achieve our aspirations.

Happy new year to our beloved UAE, the UAE, and may your glories, O Emirates, embrace the sky and embrace the clouds.



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