Newspaper, Beijing, November 29th (China Youth Daily and China Youth Net reporter Ye Yuting) Today, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Education that the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission issued "Several Opinions on Strengthening Colleges and Universities to Serve the National Common Language with High Quality and Popularization" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions").

The "Opinions" emphasize that the school incorporates "one kind of ability and two kinds of consciousness" (that is, the ability to use language and characters, the consciousness of consciously standardizing the use of national common language and characters, and the consciousness of consciously inheriting and promoting the excellent Chinese language and culture) into the talent training plan. Students' ability and standards for language application are included in graduation requirements, and colleges and universities are supported in offering language and culture-related courses such as college Chinese, practical writing, oral expression, and classic reading.

  The "Opinions" is the first document to make a systematic deployment of the national common language work in colleges and universities. It proposes to comprehensively strengthen the national common language education and teaching, actively integrate popularization into rural revitalization and the construction of a culturally powerful country, and actively explore popularization to serve the society. There are three major tasks and ten measures, including the application and new means of people's needs.

  Source: China Youth Daily