By 00:00 that night, we had half of this urban-type settlement (urban-type settlement) under control.

By the morning we took it completely.

Kurdyumovka stands on a hill, in good weather you can see Kramatorsk - another well-fortified garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Gradually, the path opens to the coveted Slavyansk, the cradle of the "Russian spring".

Fought for Kurdyumovka:

— PMC Wagner,

- The 3rd Gorlovka brigade of the 1st AK (I know the battalion commander, I am not authorized to name), there were few wounded, the Ukrainian troops, feeling the pressure of our forces, at some point simply retreated.

Well, we are doing what we outlined in the NWO in the first place - we are liberating the Donbass.

The enormous efforts made by PMC Wagner in Artyomovsk are not in vain, the strongest unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is loosening and losing strength.

Kyiv was sure that we would never return Mariupol, Volnovakha, Mayorsk to Donbass.

Now the next step is the final liberation of Artyomovsk, which, by the way, houses the infamous prison where many captured defenders of Donbass were kept.

I wonder if they managed to remove evidence of torture or not?

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