In a lawsuit demanding compensation from the government for same-sex couples living in Tokyo, the Tokyo District Court said, ``There is no legal system to become a family with a same-sex partner. This is a violation of Article 24 of the Constitution, which stipulates individual dignity and the essential equality of both sexes."

However, he dismissed the lawsuit, concluding that the current legal provisions were not unconstitutional, saying that "the construction of the legal system is entrusted to the discretion of the legislature."

Eight people, including a same-sex couple living in Tokyo, demanded compensation from the government, claiming that provisions such as the Civil Code that do not allow same-sex marriage violate the Constitution.

On the other hand, the government was arguing that ``same-sex marriage is not envisioned in the constitution.''

Similar class action lawsuits have been filed in five locations across the country, in Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka, in addition to Tokyo. However, in June, the Osaka District Court ruled that it was 'constitutional', and judicial decisions were divided.