Carry forward the excellent Chinese health preservation culture, and promote the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

On November 26, the "2022 Health Responsibility Forum", sponsored by the National Brand Engineering Office of Xinhua News Agency, co-organized by Infinitus, and supported by the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was held online during the "2022 Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs".

Big names gather at the 2022 Health Responsibility Forum

  Liu Jian, chairman of Xinhuanet Co., Ltd., Zhang Boli, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, winner of the national honorary title of "Hero of the People", Wu Qingping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and honorary director of the Institute of Microbiology of the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Nutrition and Health, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Ding Gangqiang, Director, Li Candong, Vice President of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and President of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chen Junfeng, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Peng Tao, Professor of Sino-French Hoffmann Immunology Institute of Guangzhou Medical University, Global CEO of Infinitus, Infinitus (China) Vice Chairman Yu Jianglin, Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd. Vice President Hu Zhenzhong and other guests conducted cross-border exchanges and high-end dialogues in various forms such as keynote speeches and joint initiatives, and jointly witnessed the "2022 TCM Health for All" Index Research Report" and the opening ceremony of "Infinitus Polysaccharide and Immunity Research Laboratory".

  Liu Jian said in his speech: "I hope that the experts, scholars and related enterprises participating in the meeting will actively make suggestions for the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the construction of a healthy China, "feel the pulse" and "prescribe prescriptions", further enhance national self-confidence, deeply explore the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine. The development of theory and practice."

  In response to the outstanding contribution of traditional Chinese medicine in fighting the epidemic, Zhang Boli said: "The combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine have become the highlights of China's anti-epidemic plan. It has been recognized by the broad masses of the people, and it has also made us firm in the integrity of traditional Chinese medicine. Belief in innovation." He emphasized: "To realize the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, innovation is the foundation. Innovation is to absorb the power of various contemporary disciplines, use it for me, form a joint force, and promote the high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine. Entrepreneurs are the most powerful Ability to integrate these resources and effectively promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine."

  Ding Gangqiang said: "2022 is a critical year for the Chinese people to march towards the second centenary goal, and the construction of a healthy China will also enter a new development track. I hope that all of us will work together to continue to Promote the popularization of the concept of nutrition and health, a sound society attaches importance to reasonable diet, disease prevention, and jointly establish a new trend of nutrition."

Yu Jianglin, Global CEO of Infinitus and Vice Chairman of Infinitus (China), delivered a speech

  Yu Jianglin said: "This year, Infinitus also celebrates its 30th anniversary. Over the past 30 years, we have been deeply involved in the main track of health care, committed to promoting the excellent Chinese health care culture, and accumulated some practice and experience. First of all, we must strengthen our cultural self-confidence. Learn wisdom from traditional health preservation culture; secondly, promote health preservation culture, and make full use of modern technology to maintain integrity and innovation; in addition, 30 years of experience has also given us an important inspiration, which is to do a good job in popularizing science and communicating with the general public.”

"2022 National TCM Health Index Research Report" officially released

  At the 2022 Health Responsibility Forum, the "2022 National TCM Health Index Research Report" was officially released.

This is a brand project created by the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd. Since 2015, this year is the sixth release.

  Chen Junfeng said at the meeting: "This report evaluates the health status of the whole people and its influencing factors from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. Provide evidence. Under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, some findings of this research report also help to better examine the common health challenges we face, promote the establishment of the awareness that everyone is the first person responsible for their own health, and gradually develop A healthy lifestyle will form a joint force in various fields and industries to promote national health promotion actions."

  Li Candong made an in-depth interpretation of the report: "This year's report shows that even under the background of the impact of the epidemic, my country's medical and health services are still making progress. Remarkable results have been achieved. It reflects the necessity and rationality of 'moving the border forward' in medical care." Sex, 'preventive treatment' is of great significance to improving the health of the whole people."

"Infinitus Polysaccharide and Immunity Research Laboratory" Unveiled

  At the meeting, the unveiling ceremony of the "Infinitus Polysaccharide and Immunity Research Laboratory" was also held. Witnessed by Wu Qingping and Peng Tao, the "Infinitus Polysaccharide and Immunity Research Laboratory" was officially established.

  Wu Qingping delivered a speech on the theme of "Sharing scientific research results to help a healthy China", and shared with you the achievements of "Innovative Application of Chinese Microbial Safety and Health Science Large Database" and its application in the health industry.

He said: "We started to establish an academician workstation with Infinitus in 2017, mainly focusing on food safety and functional research on edible and medicinal fungi. We will use our research results in the field of microbial safety and health, such as food microbial safety and health science Large databases, germplasm resource banks of wild edible and medicinal fungi, etc., can be combined with enterprises to promote the sharing and transformation of scientific research results, and better contribute to the construction of a healthy China." He specifically pointed out: "Looking forward to 2030, China's health service industry will The scale is expected to reach 16 trillion yuan, among which the functional microorganism industry will play a big role in healthy China."

  Peng Tao also shared the latest research results of the Hoffman Infinitus Research Program: "The Chinese herbal formula of Infinitus health food has been verified by animal experiments to have immune regulation and anti-aging effects."

Hu Zhenzhong, Vice President of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd. made a keynote sharing

  Hu Zhenzhong, vice president of Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., shared the theme of "Integrity and Innovation, Infinitus Health": "Using high-quality Chinese herbal health products to meet the health problems that the public most wants to solve is the core advantage of Infinitus Where." He said: "The establishment of the 'Infinitus Polysaccharide and Immunology Research Laboratory' today is our attitude and determination to continue to deepen the field of immunity. Academician workstations and other top scientific research platforms at home and abroad will work together to conduct more challenging research and provide more new technologies, new products, and new solutions to improve immunity."

  At the end of the event, all experts, scholars, and industry leaders jointly launched the Health Responsibility Initiative: Carry forward the excellent Chinese health preservation culture, and promote the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

  In the future, Infinitus hopes to continue in-depth exchanges and discussions with all sectors of society, build consensus, achieve win-win results, and jointly make due contributions to improving people's health and promoting economic and social development.

  With the joint efforts of enterprises, academia, the government, and the media, traditional Chinese medicine will surely be able to better inherit, innovate and develop, and demonstrate new responsibilities and new achievements in the new journey of high-quality development.