In 2013, Yu.L.

Latynina * reported that the origin of the Chelyabinsk (Chebarkul) air body is actually artificial - it is not a meteorite, but a product of the domestic military-industrial complex.

Being convicted of many inconsistencies, she retorted: "I'm not a rocket scientist, I'm a philologist."

Now the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine A.M.

Danilov, who, by his original specialty, is also not a rocket scientist or even a philologist, but a veterinarian, and later a Luhansk bandit named Myachik (after his patronymic Myacheslavovich).

That did not prevent Secretary Myacheslavovich from making an important statement: “The best and most effective solution to the energy problem of Ukraine is missiles with a range of 800 kilometers or more, which will significantly save on generators.”

As far as one can understand, the veterinary secretary did not mean that the medium-range missiles themselves would generate electricity.

The scheme was somewhat more complicated: as a result of massive missile strikes on the territory of Russia, such serious damage would be inflicted on it that it would not be up to the Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

Ukraine, no longer fearing Russian arrivals, can easily restore power supply with a small number of generators.

That Ukraine will thus be forever freed from enemy calibration is, of course, a moot point.

With the same success, one can assume that Russian strikes, on the contrary, will intensify, and will become much less chivalrous and sparing.

After all, if we assume that the wish of A.M.

Danilov will come true and some kind of friendly power (most likely, Danilov meant the United States, the limitrophes, perhaps, would be happy to supply Kyiv with medium-range missiles, but they don’t have any) will provide Kyiv with the requested, and in large, but better in unlimited quantities, the consequences can be really serious.

A simple glance at the map shows that the Volga region (Saratov, Volgograd), the North Caucasus (Krasnodar, Stavropol, Sochi), of course, the Crimea and Rostov are within the coverage area of ​​even just 800-kilometer missiles.

And, of course, Moscow.

Most of the ukromissiles will be destroyed by the air defense system, but if something does slip through, it will be unpleasant.

The question, of course, is who and how will materialize this Ukrainian dream.

There are purely technical limitations here.

Rockets are not made like sausages (Khrushchev, however, threatening America, used this very image, but he was not telling the truth).

Their number in Western arsenals is quite limited.

And the Ukrainians need everything at once and in myriads.

It is not clear who will launch these hypothetical missiles.

Ukrainians themselves?

There is no certainty that the Western powers will like this idea all that much.

"These heroes of Ukraine are letting go."

Western missilemen?

But there is already such a casus belli that there is nowhere to go further.

Veterinarian Myachik is probably not familiar with the Russian military doctrine in the field of nuclear deterrence, the fourth paragraph of which reads: “The state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence ... guarantees the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, deterring a potential adversary from aggression against the Russian Federation.”

But those who, if something happens, will pay for broken pots (and the payment will be serious), are most likely familiar with this doctrinal setting.

Here the fist already smells like a grave, there is no desire to test it on yourself.

Moreover, in case of memory problems among our overseas neighbors, Smolenskaya Square recalls: “Possible US deliveries of long-range missiles to Ukraine will make Washington a direct party to the conflict.

In this case, Moscow reserves the right to defend its territory by all available means.”

Therefore, at least for now, the manufacturer of such missiles will most likely refuse the Ukrainian side to satisfy such a request.

Although what will happen tomorrow, only God knows.

Kyiv politicians are in such a mental and moral state that if it were their will, they would stop at nothing.

"As long as I live, let the earth burn with fire."

The American politicians are now less desperate, but who knows?

* Included in the register of individuals acting as a foreign agent, by decision of the Russian Ministry of Justice dated 09/09/2022.

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