Hailey Bieber is not just a model!

The 26-year-old star is also a businesswoman who created her own line of cosmetics, Rhode.

A mark that earned him at the end of 2022 to be congratulated by


, which added him to its "30 Under 30" list, the most important entrepreneurs under 30.

For the entrepreneur, who describes herself as a “skincare junkie,” getting into beauty products was only natural.

“When I run out of my Peptide Glazing Fluid, my skin misses it.

That's how I realized it was a solid product.

Because when I no longer have my samples, my skin does not feel the same,” she confides to Forbes.

rapid growth

Rhode's success was not long in coming, benefiting from the notoriety of Justin Bieber's wife.

Since the launch of the three treatments offered by the brand, 700,000 people have been on the waiting list to acquire the precious elixirs.

As Forbes

magazine points out

, during restocking, products were selling at the rate of 36 units per second.

If she modestly refuses to give a precise figure on her profits, Hailey Bieber assures that they will soon reach an eight-figure sum.

Before turning into a seasoned businesswoman, the model lent her features to Jimmy Choo, Tommy Hilfiger, or even Saint Laurent and is very present on social networks and in the press.


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