, Yihuang, Jiangxi, November 30th, title: Astronaut Deng Qingming's thick family letter: Family recalls the past and sheds tears

  Chinanews reporter Jiang Tao Wu Pengquan Liu Lixin

  On the 29th, Li Qinghua (following his mother's surname), the younger brother of Shenzhou 15 astronaut Deng Qingming, displayed the thick family letters written by his brother to his family for decades after he joined the army. tears.

  The Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft was successfully launched at 23:08 on November 29.

In the afternoon of the same day, a reporter from China News Agency drove to Deng Qingming's hometown, Dongpi Town, Yihuang County, Jiangxi Province. On a large screen not far from the door of his sister Li Saiying's house, Deng Qingming's work as an astronaut on Shenzhou 15 was scrolling. Video testimonials at the press conference.

  On the background wall of the living room in Li Saiying's home, there is a calligraphy work written by Deng Qingming before, "Shenzhou and the sky are the same as the high heaven, the sun and the moon will compete for glory". There is a photo of him in a space suit and two family photos in the middle.

Many relatives, friends and neighbors came to celebrate one after another, looking forward to witnessing this important moment.

A letter from Deng Qingming encouraging his younger brother Li Qinghua.

Photo by Liu Lixin

  Facing the camera, Li Qinghua took out a stack of thick family letters and told reporters that after his brother left home to join the army, he often wrote letters to his family, using this traditional method to convey his miss and concern for his relatives.

"Yesterday I read it again, and tears filled my eyes. These family letters are heavy, and there is family affection between the lines."

  Li Qinghua took out a family letter written by his elder brother to him who was in middle school more than 30 years ago and recited it. From these inspirational words, we can vaguely see Deng Qingming's mentality of chasing dreams for 25 years.

  In Li Qinghua's memory, the happiest moment for the whole family at that time was when he received a letter from his brother.

"The feeling of reading home with my parents under the kerosene lamp, with my brothers and sisters listening to me, now I think of it very warmly, very happy."

  When it comes to the emotional part, most of Li Qinghua and the family members beside him have tears in their eyes.

"My brother's aerospace dream has always been my mother's dream. Now that my brother has successfully realized his dream, she will be very happy if she can see it."

  Seeing the successful launch of the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft through the live broadcast that night, many family members, including Li Saiying, were moved to tears again.

"My brother has worked hard for so many years and finally realized his dream. We feel the same for his dedication and pressure. Now we only hope that his space journey will go smoothly and he will return triumphantly after completing the mission." (End)