Electric scooters, which are becoming more and more popular as a means of transportation, have been used for drunk driving one after another. I called.

Regarding electric kickboards, there have been a series of cases where people have been arrested for drunken driving, mainly in the late-night hours when public transportation has finished driving.

Before the full-scale year-end party season, 25 people from the Metropolitan Police Department, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and industry groups gathered in the downtown area of ​​Shinjuku Ward and visited a restaurant with a rental space for electric scooters nearby.

He also asked the store staff to cooperate in preventing drunk driving, such as calling on customers not to ride electric scooters after drinking.

The Metropolitan Police Department is strengthening the crackdown on drunk driving of electric kickboards, and 51 cases have been arrested by the 29th.

In September this year, an accident occurred in which a company executive in his 50s who was drunk driving hit a parking lot stop and fell and died.

Mami Tanaka, head of the Metropolitan Police Department's Transportation General Affairs Division, said, ``Serious accidents have occurred in Tokyo. I want you to do it," he said.