The best-selling books of the past year were announced, and "80-year-old wall", which preached tips for spending old age in good health, ranked first.

"Nikhan", which is an intermediary for publications, has summarized the sales of books sold during the year up to the 21st of last month.

According to that, the best-selling book was Hideki Wada's "80-year-old wall", which gave hints on how to overcome the "walls" that come around the age of 80, such as being bedridden and needing nursing care.

The second place was a business book that preached how to speak to be liked by people, last year's first place was Shigehisa Nagamatsu's "People speak 90%".

The 3rd place went to comedian Atsugiri Jason's business book "Jason's way of increasing money".

In addition, many books about old age and business books entered the top 10, with "70 years old is the crossroads of aging" in 8th place and "His money college to get true freedom" in 9th place.

In the novel, Touma Osaka's debut work "Comrade Girl, Shoot the enemy", which was selected for the Bookstore Grand Prize this year, entered 5th place.

Nippan commented, "The situation continues to affect our lives against the backdrop of soaring prices of various things and world affairs. Under these circumstances, works related to familiar themes such as old age and money are attracting interest. I wonder if it was because of this.”