Tokyo Sumida Ward Assembly has broken customs and has passed a resolution recommending resignation for staying in office for over a year. The ordinance was passed at the plenary session on the 30th.

Meanwhile, the chairman reiterated his intention to remain in his post.

Kiyoshi Kiuchi, chairman of the Sumida Ward Assembly, took office as chairman in May last year, but has remained in the chairmanship even after one year in principle, which has been followed for many years as a custom of the ward assembly.

In the ward assembly, a motion of no confidence was passed in June this year, and a resolution to recommend resignation was passed in September, but none of them were legally binding, and although the chairmanship continued as it was, this The Vice-Chairman is responsible for most of the proceedings at the meeting.

For this reason, at the plenary session on the 30th, 29 members, or 90% of the members, submitted an ordinance to reduce the chairman's remuneration to the same amount as other members, saying that they were not able to perform their duties as chairman. rice field.

Atsushi Sato said, "The voices of anger from the residents have reached a boiling point against the chairman, who receives inappropriately high wages without doing his job. I want to respond to the voices of the residents by protesting the reckless act that ignores democracy." I explained the reason for the proposal.

As a result of the vote, the ordinance was approved by a majority vote.

As a result, the chairman's monthly remuneration of 913,000 yen was reduced by more than 300,000 yen to 607,000 yen, the same amount as other lawmakers.

After the plenary session, Chairman Kiuchi told reporters, ``Even if I attend the assembly, I will not let you work because of the movement of the LDP parliamentary faction. I will continue," he said, reiterating his intention to remain as chairman.