Park Ji-sung defeated Luis Figo once again.

On the 30th, SBS 'Goal Hitters' (hereinafter referred to as 'Goal Hitters'), Park Ji-sung and Luis Figo competed as coaches.

On this day, the two made a combined team of Korean and Portuguese Hanpo to face off.

FC Park Ji-sung led the combined team including Park Seon-yeong and Seo Ki, and Luis Figo led the combined team including Eva, Ayumi and Kim Seung-hye.

From the beginning, the momentum of FC Park Ji-sung was scary.

In the 11th and 12th minutes of the first half, Park Sun-young scored amazing multi-goals.

In response, Park Seon-young couldn't hide his excitement, saying, "Soccer can be this fun."

The third goal also came from FC Park Ji-sung.

Taking advantage of Park Seon-young's defense, the clerk crossed Silva, and Silva turned it into a goal.

As a result, the opposing team FC Dodgeball's Dodgeball focused on the game with the smile disappearing.

And at this time, Alves, the captain of FC Figo, scored a comeback goal.

Even after that, FC Figo scored an additional goal and predicted a chase.

However, FC Park Ji-sung added a goal in the second half, and Figo's expression gradually hardened at the large score difference of 5 to 2.

Unfortunately, the players of FC Park Ji-sung widened the score gap.

Silva, who scored a goal in the first half, scored multiple goals.

When the score gap widened to 6-2, FC Figo's Ayumi despaired.

However, FC Figo did not give up until the end.

In particular, Kim Seung-hye scored multiple goals and received enthusiastic encouragement from Luis Figo.

Kim Seung-hye shed tears and said, "Every time I played at Gaben, I had a thirst for goals, so I wanted to score goals. But today, I scored two goals and I was so happy that I played soccer because of this." there was.

The match was won by FC Park Ji-sung, 6-3.

As it was a friendly match, even the hearts of those who conveyed sincere congratulations and encouragement to the players were warmed.

Luis Figo also shared a warm hug with Park Ji-sung.

And he said, "It was a goal, but it was a good experience."

Also, Park Ji-sung drew attention by saying, "It was good to feel the passion of the players," and "I hope many people know the joy of soccer, but it's good that the goalkeeper seems to be playing that role." 

(Editor Kim Hyo-jung of SBS Entertainment News)