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Professor Suh Gyeong-deok of Sungshin Women's University, who has been at the forefront of eradicating the rising sun flag around the world, announced on the 30th that he had reported to major media around the world about Japanese supporters who caused controversy by cheering for the rising sun flag at the Qatar World Cup.

This accusation email is in the form of a report on the Japanese supporters cheering for the rising sun flag in the crowd in the group match between Japan and Costa Rica on the 27th, and attached a video of the rising sun flag.

Regarding this, Professor Seo said in her e-mail, "Following the last World Cup in Russia, there was another Rising Sun cheering, but fortunately, the stadium safety personnel immediately mobilized and stopped it."

In addition, he emphasized, "FIFA judges that it is a very appropriate measure to respect not only Asians but also football fans around the world. Because the Rising Sun Flag is a war criminal flag with the same meaning as Germany's Hakenkreuz."

In particular, Professor Seo said, "However, most Japanese media published an article saying that only FIFA and Korea reacted sensitively without reflection. Japan is also good at 'cleaning' the spectator seats, but has no interest in 'clearing' historical mistakes." I went to work.

In addition, he requested, "In the future, Japan has a third group match against Spain. If the Rising Sun Flag cheers appear at this time, I hope that Japan's 'double attitude' will be reported in detail through articles."

This accusation mail is not only global sports media, but also AP, AFP, Reuters, New York Times, Le Monde,

On the other hand, Professor Seo said, "With FIFA's official ban on the Rising Sun Flag this time, we have gained an international justification. We will make good use of this point and continue to protest to the IOC in the future to stop the Rising Sun Flag support at the Olympics."

(Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon of SBS Entertainment News)